Biden Romney NAACP & Black Consciousness

Biden & Romney both recently spoke at the NAACP national convention. Romney was sounding like Romney smh and Biden was sounding like he had a degree in African American Studies! Although Romney said nothing that truly resonated with the Black community (in fact he was booed), he stated he would be a better president for African Americans. Here’s my take on President Obama’s job in regards to the Black community.

To see Biden’s speech:

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  1. You have no idea what your talking about do yourself a favor and research black famous people who did not follow the crowd the democrats are the reason you hate white people you are a American not African American if that's the case I'm Irish American and guess what we were slaves to the white man to and still are in Ireland right now

  2. Going with the "I'll get what's mine…I'm fighting for black blah blah blah" when your own icon fought against segregation….Obamacare as you mentioned in another comment (referencing healthcare for all)….both contradict each other at their core value

  3. get off the african american train…you have no idea what tribe in Africa you come from…WE'RE ALL AMERICANS! This politically driven titling has further driven MLK Jr's message away from its loving purpose. Stand as Americans and grow strong as Americans….I don't call myself "whatever the heck I am" because….my passport says I'm an American citizen. If you truly came over from Africa and then became a citizen…kudos, you are an African-American…otherwise PFF

  4. She is a Free Loader. Wanting to live off others. Why are a lot of Blacks unemployed because of Obama. Who the hell does she think is going to pay for Obamacare. She makes Blacks look stupid.


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