[Lack of] Black Consciousness: Black Man Behind Controversial Nivea Ad

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  1. Good analogy. We are trying to be accepted on the dinner table that we would always not be welcomed. We have to create our own table….this is how nature works. A leopard can never be a house cat by eating perina cat cow.

  2. the media is playing us black ppl! listen, i live on the south side of chi & NO ONE is mentioning this @parties/gatherings. Know why? Cause we DON'T GIVE A FUCK! the associated press is the one who perpetuated this is nivea ad racist" shit, not blacks them selves! o, u know what we should be out raged about? Gabrielle Sidiby on the cover of Elle magazine! What the fuck! its basically saying"o, it's cool 2 be morbidly obese & ugly, & wear weaves, long as you're BLACK", fuck outta here!

  3. oh please. big deal. way too much sensitivity. just don't have any black people in ads at all because no mater what you will screw up. gee. if it had been a black/white man holding a had of a white man with dreads no one would have said a darn thing.

  4. There's black man & white man add that nivea put out. Like it or not there is a level a perception of what is and isn't acceptable in the "business" world. Both ads were simply showcasing two men leaving behind what is "unacceptable" in the business world and becoming more "cleaned up." As I am neither white or black, my only advice to both sides is to quit relating events of past to current ones. History should NEVER be forgotten. But it shouldn't be related to current events without cause.

  5. endured hardship and oppression over many years! Black people are not "irrational," in their reactions and sensitivity, we have been the butt of European oppression for so long! It was only in 1960s that marriage became integrated, it was only in the mid 90s that South Africa became liberated, but attitudes and brain washing, takes decades if not centuries to change!

  6. That's an extremely conscientious assessment. I like the fact that you have not taken the stance of a victim but rather of an educator….

  7. @MsVictoriaShantrell them saying an afro is unkept isnt racist.its just their opinion.the opinion of the people who made that ad.if they were all black i doubt you would call them racist.it would simply be their opinion.it is just a coincidence that this ad was the only one that says the unsivilzed thing.you are taking it out of context due to your racial phobias,that most blacks have .

  8. Well said sistah! I was unaware of this ad until I saw the story on TYT. Having said that, a lot of our folk are "unaware" or "ignorant" to our past and our continued struggle. The black exec' should've been more aware but wasn't.

  9. i'm not offended because its not like the head of the doll was an afro, and the guy holding it had a perm/s-curl… a fade hair cut is still African standard and not Europeanized, like say the "conks" of the 1920-1960s.. i mean what else should the doll hair look like?i think the goal was to look like a caveman with the wild beard.the white version is the exact ad with straight unkempt hair..whats more is the V.P of marketing who is behind the ad is a black male


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