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  1. Haha heee hee 😂😂😂😂 you racist fool..Your party cannot even garner 10 000 votes of the millions cast..Perhaps now you will realize what South Africans, black and non black think of the garbage you spurt from the hole in your big head Now you playing the blaming game,blaming the media,Facebook and Twitter for your pathetic performance….Why didn’t you blame them before the election? The voters have spoken..Face up to it Dumb Deeli you ain’t going to parliament which puts you at unemployed..All bets are on you are going to crawl to Comrade Julie Ass to ask him for a job!!! Your rhetoric, stupid agenda and gibberish cost you dearly..Get onto your donkey, ride into the sunset and disappear..South Africa doesn’t need an opportunistic uneducated fool like you

  2. Hahaha so you are shown as what the people made you out to be!! RACISTS!! You will have to apologize to all south african citizens white and black HAHA can't wait!!

  3. Dumb Deeli, lets play a game shall we? Here goes: Some of this this relates to SA, our country (Yes, mine and yours) ..White people were the cause of the Industrial Revolution, Black people…? White people sent a man to the moon Black people…? White people invented the computer,Televisions , the automobile, social media (which you so eloquently use) , electricity, the wheel, the banking system, mines (not enough space) Black people invented…? White people are civil, organized and plan ahead. Black people..? White people create jobs for others including black people..Black people..? White people don’t ride in Taxi’s turfing KFC and empty plastic bottles from the vehicle..Black people..? White owned Taxi’s obey the rule of the road and don’t overcrowd their vehicles..Black Taxis..? White people gather in a civil way to show their dismay and issues through debates and don’t burn tires, schools or block roads with trash..Black people..? White people don’t go into town ships to rob,rape or steal..Black people..? White people forgive move on and build a society without fear or favour..Black people…? White people are forgiving and voted YES for a Democratic SA..Black people..? White people invented soft drinks like Stoney Ginger Beet..Black people…? White people invented Cell phones..Black people invented…? Fill in the dots Dumb Deeli, we can continue tomorrow again..If you don’t understand some of the words,educate yourself..There’s a thing called a search engine (Google it) Incidentally, invented by a white man same which has educated millions of….?

  4. Dumb Deeli, our own Free Dumb Fighter..Thicker than 3 coats of paint, corrupt evil and lazy..Your DNA is your DNA..Look what your lazy comrades and brothers have done to Africa..Your new colonialists have arrived and if you think the white man is your enemy, wait till the people with the slanted eyes start ruling you and your type Africa owes them R1 trillion..Why? Because your comrades looted this country and need to borrow more to steal more..Had your tribe only interbred with Westerners your DNA today wouldn’t be compromised and your hair would be straight, not to mention a high level of IQ..I rest my case my boy! Hope to see you service your one brain cell before you acquire your single seat in Parliament, you opportunistic uneducated misinformed Mavros!

  5. Ur living in a dream world Andile! You black first land first is really getting boring! What do you about fighting?! We will fight you and your sher idiots till the bitter end! Look up history then you will see what we stand for push us further and you will see! You promising your low IQ people what you cannot provide! They will still kill you because you won't be able to deliver! You forget that 90 % of YOUR money come via whites as well as your food my man! 5000 farm by black owned only 40bis productive what a joke! You and your idiots will still eat grass! I would stock up food if i was you! Ha!

  6. Democracy is a political system based on representative government, citizen participation in the political process, freedoms, transparency of political acts and process in general. The more active civil participation, the more transparent, vibrant and genuine engagement. Political must be commended.


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