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The idea of creating a single multisource dataset of trans-Atlantic sla voyages emerged from a chance meeting ,Record Office in 1990 while they were working independently on the early and late British slave trade shipping business begun years earlier by Maurice Schofield. All this work, together with the Bristol volumes that Richardson had already published, made it seem feasible to integrate the records for the very large British slave trade for the first time, and beyond that, given the available Dutch, French, and Portuguese data, to collect a single dataset for the trade as a whole. Afro-American Research at Harvard University, headed by Professor Henry L. Gates, J
tommy sotomayor
British trade after 1779, plantation Register data set, all in machine-readable format. . The first was standardizing the existing data. Pioneers in the field had collected their data using different definitions of variables, sometimes of apparently similar items of information, as well as a range of organizational formats . The second task was collating voyages. The third task, which became increasingly important as the project progressed, was adding new information. About half of the 27,233 voyage records subsequently published on the 1999 CD-ROM in 1999 were new. tommy sotomayor horn of africa kenya, uganda, RDC, congo, Congolese, angola, south africa, zimbabwe,Tanzania, Rwanda,hutus, Tutsis hamites, Africans, zambia, cuba, haitians, west indians, siddi african community in india proof black are jews kongo kingdom,Gabon, freemasons, secrets societies conspiracy khazars fake jews israel , palestine, war, middle east, bantus, lemba jews , lost tribe, digging for the truth, secrets of the bible, zionism, shlomo sand
Voyages is the product of a further great surge of information on the slave trade that has happened since 1999. Latin-American slaving expeditions were seriously under-represented on the CD-ROM, and, as a consequence, between 2001 and 2005 a major research initiative was undertaken in Portuguese and Spanish language archives around the Atlantic basins to address this deficiency. Three years of funding for this work (from 2002 to 2005) came from the Arts and Humanities Research Board of the United Kingdom and was administered through the University of Hull with David Richardson and David Eltis as the principal investigators. Manolo Florentino anchored the work in Rio de Janeiro, Roquinaldo Ferreira in Luanda, and Jelmer Vos in Lisbon, and other European archives. The major documentary collections explored in this period were in archives in Luanda, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Lisbon, Havana, Madrid, Sevilla, Amsterdam, Middelburg, Copenhagen, and London as well as the extensive eighteenth century newspaper holdings of the Bodleian and British Libraries. scholars unconnected with the project continued to give of their time and the archival data that they themselves had collected. While the range and depth of work completed before the year 2000 was impressive, in India, HISTORY CHANNEL,China, Japan, Tokyo, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Brazil, Colombia, Russia, Ukraine, War, Science, Nato, Middle East, ferguson, mike brown,Alex Jones Infowars
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فضيحة الاسلام الكبري


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  1. "Black Israelites" deny scripture and recorded history. According to scripture (and it's backed up by genetics) the Hebrews are the offspring of Shem, son of Noah, who is the offspring of Eber. African people, as well as the Chinese, are the offspring of Kham, son of Noah.

    Eber: Genesis 10[24] And Arphaxad begat Salah; and Salah begat Eber. Eber, son of Shem, EBER – father of the Hebrews (Josephus) ABIRU people according to the Egyptians. Abraham was the descendant of Eber (Genesis 11)

    In Hebrew Ham's name is khäm. The Bible tells us that Ham, the son of Noah, migrated to the land known today as Egypt after the Tower of Babel Affair. This was the origin of the Egyptian people and culture. History verifies this: Hamites > Hamitic People > Hamites of Egypt > K-HEM-ET (god of Egypt), K-HEM-IA is said by Plutarch (100 S.D.) to be the "country of Ham", which agrees with Josephus's Antiquities 1:6:1. PUT – son of Ham (Genesis) – Lybia according to ancient Egyptians according to Egyptian relief and PUTA according to Persian relief

    Prince Khaemweset (also translated as Khamwese, Khaemwese or Khaemwaset or Setne Khamwas) was the fourth son of Ramesses II, who was born c. 1303 BCE; died July or August 1213 BCE; reigned 1279–1213 BCE, and the second son by his queen Isetnofret.

    Genesis 10[2] The sons of Japheth; Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras.

    Gomer: Gomer, son of Japeth, founder of Galatians (Josephus) later called the Gomerites, Gimirrya (Assyrians), king Esarhaddon defeated the Gimirrah in 677 BC, Gamir (Armenians), Gimeri (Herodotus, Stabo, Plutarch), lived near the Black Sea – Cimmeria, Clrimea, some moved west becoming the Gauls (France) and Galati (Spain) and Celtae (Britain).

    Gomer = Gimmirray in Akkadian; "Cimmerians" in Greek

    Gomer: He was the founder of the Cimmerians who settled originally on the shores of the Caspian Sea. They were later driven away by the Elamites. At the time of the Babylonian Exile, the Jews knew them as the tribes that dwelt in the 'uppermost parts of the north' (Ezekiel 38:6). The Assyrians referred to them as the Gimirraya. Esarhaddon (681-668 BC) records his defeat of the Gimirrai; whilst King Ashurbanipal tells us in his records of the Cimmerian invasion of Lydia in the days of the Lydian king Gugu around the year 660 BC.

    Shem (son of Noah) > Shemites > Semites > Jews and Assyrians, (Syria). Asshur was the son of Shem: Genesis10[22] The children of Shem; Elam, and Asshur, and Arphaxad, and Lud, and Aram. Asshur was deified, and was called Shar Kishshati, the forerunners of Shahs, Tzars, Caesars, and Kaisers. After Asshur the kings were called Asshurs, Asuras (Hindu), Ahhuras (Persian), such as king Ashur-nasirbal. Josephus wrote, "Asshur live in the city of Nineve, and named his subjects Assyrians . . ."

    Elam: Genesis 10[22] The children of Shem; Elam, and Asshur, and Arphaxad, and Lud, and Aram. Elam, son of Shem, decendants known Elamites (c. 2530–2450 bc, southwestern Iran) first founders of Sumeria according to professors Chile and Mallowan. Descendants moved west from Sumeria to Iran (district of Pul), then to Europe where they are known as the Polani in Poland, as ELAMTU to the Babylonians, ELYMAIS to the Greeks, HALAMTI/HUZ to the Persians.

    Elamite Empire:

  2. Yehuda, Yehoodi, Judah. This means J ew. That there is some M.E. blood in some Africans probably comes from the A rab traders & sla vers. Yes, there were some J ewish sla vers, but to pretend it's all them when they were a minority is simple Lie. The fact that so many blacks follow Farrakhan, a Mus lim who denies that Africans (and Europeans) are STILL ensla ved by Mus lims shows the insidiousness of Is lam. Is lam is the Cult of Lies & Projection: If it claims one thing, check it's opposite.


    The hidden history of A rab Mus lim sl ave trade of Africans

    The Origins of the African Slave Trade – Africans sold Africans as slaves


  3. The secret is Blacks aren't humans they were created by Scientists in a Lavatory then cloned that was 11,034 years ago.
    It's disgusting how blacks are made I don't feel comfortable talking about it.

  4. The truth out now, every race on the planet hate them yet they mimic them tan there skin want there melinine etc, there the chosen race eventually everyone will have to except it
    The most high will make sure of that no matter how long the wait.They tried everything to get rid of them yet they remain by the power of the most high

  5. Blacks or Jews were never gods chosen people.!!!!
    Gods chosen people have been and have always been a blessing on the earth.. since when have the blacks or Jews been a blessing on the earth.?? Since when.???

  6. Its a reason our history (what they teach us) only goes back to slavery …they dont want us to know our history before then. Its reasons they didnt want us reading ….ESPECIALLY A BIBLE ..wake up thats where our history lies . Its funny how in the bible it talks about the Israelites are not going to know who they are…..we are the only nation who do not know who they truly are. WAKE UP

  7. The Africans Who Wrote the Bible The Ancient Black Hebrews and Arabs. … He goes beyond the already written books about the black (African) origin of modern day Jews, to specifically place their origins among the Akans of modern West Africa, and other African …

  8. i do believe that us white people conviniently erased black people history so i do understand the hate i see on those comments but some of you really do think jesus is coming only to save black people.. where is that in the bible

  9. These people got to be the dumbest bums……. Blacks have nothing to do with WHITE bible HISTORY. The Israelites/Jacob are white and were dispersed into the Caucus mountains, Edom/Esau married Hittite and Canaanite wives and that is where they get their nose from THE JEW.

    Jews ran slavery not whites, more blacks sold robbed and took slaves by far, but when your entire history music and culture is owned by the Jew who enslaved you and who now uses you against whites who freed you and gave you your highest education and quality of life you have EVER HAD.

    Israel is waking and these blacks and Jews who have stolen our Identity will pay!

  10. does it really matter what color the Jews were? i have studied the bible in english, hebrew, and greek and all i find of critical importance is Beileveing that The Christ will be our Saviour and we will be saved!. why are you all wasteing your time on race when you ultimately need Salvation. When ppl are at their lowest point in life its not the color of Jesus that we think of but the Love of Jesus that brings us Peace. God did say 'I Am' not I Is'.

  11. Jesus aint white.
    Jesus aint black.
    Jesus aint a republican or democrat.

    Abraham was from Ur of the Chaldeans (Iraq/Iran) Genesis 11:31

    This video is black supremacy – not any different from the KKK.

  12. this shit is creepy ..I've been fucking off watching music videos for the past two hours with zero problems but as soon as I clicked on this video YouTube is giving me problems and won't allow me to watch this video smfh



  15. WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE !!! WAKE UP GO CHECK OUT NO CHRISTIAN IN THE WORLD CAN PROVE ME WRONG (POWERFUL STUFF) & set you mind once and for all from mental slavery..

  16. Ya right. according to blacks, the real Israelites were black. The first Greeks were black. The first Japanese were black. Jesus was black. God created the blacks. The devil created white people. To black people, their skin color is their religion, their culture is their pride. Everything, every issue, every topic and every subject is about theirs skin color. And they call other people racist.Stupid fucking bullshit!

  17. At 2:58 You said yah called them cushites, he DIDN'T called them cushites, he only COMPARED them to the children of ham, not that they are hamites! But thank you for your video, a good instrument for WAKING UP ISRAEL!

  18. There are going to be some white people to be saved from the wrath of the Almighty God who sits high and looks low. But those that continue to hold and harbor hatred and jealousy and these evil things in their hearts against God chosen people , will go down with their father, Satan.

  19. Blacks could not be GODS children unless GOD made blacks from monkeys . The black race is the only race that has 98.8% same as monkeys. All other humans at best comes close 61.2% same DNA. History has been rewritten to make the blacks look superior to all races which they have trailed by centuries in technology. Knowledge is power but the wrong knowledge is dangerous. Liberals twist history and with political correctness has added to the fictional lies and delusions that blacks has contributed to society. The only blacks that contributed anything was the mixed ones and that is because they have the dna strand of Caucasians.

  20. This is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever seen!
    And white people aren't "loosing their minds" we'll let the idiocy grow until we've had enough.


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