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Gregg Braden is an New York Times best-selling author, researcher, educator, and lecturer.

He is known as a pioneer in bridging modern science, ancient wisdom, and human potential. He has been invited to speak in front of The United Nations, Fortune 500 companies, and the U. S. military.

His books include: The God Code, The Divine Matrix, Fractal Time, Deep Truth, Human by Design, and his latest, The New Human Story.

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00:00 Trailer.
02:50 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:05 Brian’s introduction.
05:54 Why Gregg loves London.
07:00 New science refutes Darwin’s theory of human evolution, so Gregg wrote Human by Design.
16:31 Three theories of human evolution: big bang; simulated reality; a conscious intervention of DNA.
27:01 Higher being radiating the human consciousness through London Real in a rapidly changing world.
35:12 We are at pivotal crossroads of making a choice as to how much of our power we give to machines.
41:32 How far should we go, is it a mistake, has science underestimated the complexities of human nature?
51:12 The changing world of climate, economy and human conflict are driving us to examine the way we live.
55:14 Gregg’s courses help people to access neurons in the brain and heart for physical and mental well-being.
1:07:45 Different forms of therapy work for different purposes.
1:10:31 Gregg believes we have it within us to transcend anything that comes to us with our own chemistry.
1:14:22 Gregg addresses some of the social media comments following his last London Real interview.
1:21:30 Simulated reality, is there is a base reality from which other realities emit?
1:29:18 Only through our deepest hurts do we reach inside of ourselves to find a greater capacity to love.
1:36:19 Gregg’s troubled childhood and how lessons learnt from it carried into adulthood.
1:52:50 His father died at an early age having had his own philosophy in life.
2:01:44 His mother no longer knows him.
2:05:27 Why he tries to create harmony rather than balance in his life.
2:12:30 Advice to young people watching the episode.
2:16:54 Success secrets
2:17:21 Why his mother wouldn’t speak to him for two years.
2:19:44 Brian’s summing up.






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Comment (45)

  1. I like Greg Braden wisdom knowledge he is one of our Public educator for what we seek! so I add to read a lots the last book I read on line I download and pay $10.00 is a great book! called:( Revelatorium ) is a great book to read ,he mention simulation with mention on this book as Mentalist Illusion but humanity is born to grow when we get our lesson master our mission we will be taking our place already prepare for us when we are ready among the Star.

  2. Also—Christianity is a simulation model; this is a “beta-testing” gamezone. In the LDS faith pass the simulation become a game designer (god).

  3. How many female guests compared to male? You talk about planetary imbalance and then give us what, 5:1 men to women—That’s reinforcing the problem with our earth right now—lack of respect for the feminine principle. Too much exploitation/competition/toxic masculinity.

  4. Thank you !!! I have been literally praying for 25 years for information like this to be out there, as on my own I had no proof – but inner knowing – nor had the power to spread it like this. You are my kind of people, the ones I have been waiting for ♥♥♥

  5. I had a NDE as a child. Because of the energy beings that were around me that I heard and felt, I knew there was no such thing as death. But no one appreciated this. This whole world has been so brainwashed by a mafia that people can hardly dig out of this mess.
    I have found out there is a huge mafia that has taken over the world and if people knew that they were 100% full of this mysterious energy or ELECTRICITY, then they would refuse to be slaves to this mafia. No longer being slaves, people that believe in their country would no longer go to other countries to destroy them and the people living there because this mafia told them to. This is why E=mc2 has not been focused on in hospitals and schools. Rockefeller was/is a nazi, one that had a hand in funding Hitler's war. He built the hospitals and schools without the knowledge of quantum physics, so we all have allopathy to contend with, most painfully so. Allopathy teaches that pills and chemo and surgeries are the only way to heal because these so – called healing agents make trillions of dollars for Rockefeller and the rest of the bankers that are involved. There are many authors that explain what has happened here, Eustace Mullins' book "Murder by Injection" being my favorite. Also, "War Against the Weak" by Black is excellent.
    I found out that there were a huge amount of corporations that funded Hitler's war because they believed the same things/ideas, and that is eugenics. The depopulation agenda has been in force a long time. These nazis want 50% to 95% of the world's population gone and they have been spreading chemicals in the waters, air and land in an attempt to succeed at their goals. If people knew that they are eternal energy and light or holograms, then they would feel ONE with everyone. ONEness does not try to destroy countries and the people that live there. AND being this eternal conscious light means that this is the means to healing AT NO COST.
    Nonlocality has been proven. The unified field has been proven. WE ARE CONNECTED. That is because we are 100% conscious light constantly being created. WE ARE NOT SOLID. From the book "The Quantum World" written by the physicist Kenneth Ford, I found these words: 'magically bursting forth are quarks spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light, forming what are called protons and neutrons.' This is proof of constant creation. Subatomic particles are constantly bursting forth creating everything everywhere. NOTHING IS SOLID ANYWHERE.
    E=mc2 means what is called mass, and energy, are interchangable. That is because there are quarks constantly bursting forth and spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light —- which includes everything everywhere. Everything is electricity because everything is spinning energy. How will this mafia hide where electricity comes from? Electricity is the air we breathe, the food we eat, the energy our hearts beat with. Whom is breathing our lungs and beating our hearts? Food by itself? NO !!!
    We think and breathe and pulsate with an energy that vibrates and spins so fast that it is easy to con us into believing that we are solid or physical and then die. We are like the blades of a wind fan. Before it is turned on, 3 blades can be seen. Then when this fan is turned on, the 3 blades become one mass of speed. People spin and vibrate super fast as 7 billion billion billion atoms, but we don't see one of them. This is why it is easy to con people with propaganda that says we are solid and then die. This produces huge amounts of fear that causes people to be slaves. But energy does not die. We pulsate and spin so super fast that there is no way we ever die. At what is called death we pop out of these bodies to see that we have been electrical magnetic energy field vibrational beings the whole time.
    See the book "Hands of Light" written by the physicist Barbara Brennan to see all the pictures of what we look like as eternal energy beings and holograms right now.

  6. Gregg Braden , a truly wise man. Keep humanity "chipless" Aligning the heart with is the answer to create compassion that is both an experience and a force. Deep gratitude, keep your head and know your heart. I love how he says, be cautious and conscious.

  7. Brian, please get Russell Targ on the show, an astute physicist, that can bring fantastic dialogue in & about Non locality of Consiousness! I think your audience would be pleasenlty surprised 🙏👁️

  8. Gregg Braden is back to promote his new book because he wants you to forget all his 2012 bullshit predictions that didn't come true. Look up on youtube his past garbage videos on 2012 full of garbage predictions that never came true. Shills never stop pushing their garbage on the unsuspecting masses.

  9. consciousness loves consciousness…U can not love it but u can be it…when your consciousness meets itself you are an enlightened being….to define yourself is to confine yourself…consciousness is pure…a person can not be pure consciousness unless they are rid there idea of themself….the body mind thought…u are not the body or mind..all problems come from this belief.

  10. i am life…i don't have a life…i am not a person…as a person has personal problems…i am awareness itself…the simulation is your own MIND…that u are an individual and are body and mind…this has been learnt….from parents and school the social side….the ego is the body mind relationship…my ego is dead…there is no voice in this head…thought and word is ignorance…u are pure space…just a witness…stop all judgement to see truth…stop all thought to reveal the self/god….the ONLY TRUTH…these words are not truth…they point to it…all thought is the past….only the no mind can see the "now"….don't dig up the past to upset yourself…forget it second by second if u want everything u do to be FRESH…science and word logic can not show u what u are or where u came from…only no mind will show u truth…samardi

  11. "Ouhh So big rise of hate today.. religious, skin color. Its so unnatural. In middle ages there was no such hate at all!" "Its all because Darvin theory! At first this haters read Darvin ofcourse then start to hate each other"

  12. I disagree about following the rules of the simulation. Hacking the system that used to be freewill of experience has been taken away by control and manipulation over centuries of lies. Hack the system, gain back your power of manifestation. Educate yourself by experience of the mind, body and spirit that leads to the eternal soul that is connected to the infinite creator. Crash the system by treading new territory and experience. Repetition is a record of old experiences.

  13. I like and LOVE the subject of consciousness and i mean universal are COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS and ENERGY and VIBRATIONS and CREATION so that is why i am watching this to understand him

  14. Interesting! … Mr Braden goes on against Darwin's conclusions, based on the limitations of the time, yet he is the best example of Darwin's findings. A man who has explored many fields have adapted to many circumstances and dedicated himself into many causes have shown with no doubts the adaptability that species must have to be successful on their environment… Thanks Mr. D and you did it with none of the technological perks, specially access and ease of information, of this era…

  15. TPTB wont allow any consciousness evolution of the profane. A worldwide "cleansing" will come soon before there is ever a CHANCE of them losing their power. What do you think the underground bases are for.

  16. Stupid pucker playing off of asleep people in order to make a living and crystallized his assumed place in the next chapter of existence. People like this or parasite choking off the true Awakening as it happens so that they can have more. But the true Awakening can't be stopped and parasites get flushed out of the system eventually.

  17. The state of entrainment is the "state" that we all must reach to "Be with The One", that Groovism provides. An educational addendum….. practice an art, learn to entrain! As It had it's effect throughout my life; unconsciously, until banged in the head. I got rehabilitated through a local drum circle!! Once an esoteric Zen belief, now obtainable, Technology has enabled, an educated society to the fact that we are truly all One. Globally Grooving empowers this instinct, as it has for many other species. Proliferation humanity needs!!

  18. Love him! He just talks to your soul. my mom is very religious but she actually started to wake up by reading in between the lines of the Bible and after I sent her one of Greggs’s videos, she couldn’t stop. He literally just does something to your soul that the truth can not be hidden anymore. One of dreams/goals is to be able to do what you both do, one day. I affirm it today ❤️🙏🙏🙏🥰🥰🥰

  19. This is some ole "Do what thou wilt satanic scientific brainwashing Ish" Bro….you gotta ve responsible for your actions…..and science can explain that away. You would change your mind/views if someone shot up an event with your family attending. what kinda brain would that be called …..then. You are crazy homeboy!!

  20. Low level thinking here. Until the HUMAN embraces higher understanding/justice we are doomed! Until we stop corruption nothing will change Elon Musk has created nothing but a high priced electric car based on 100 year old technology. Stooges like this offer us nothing. Dr. Thor Templar, IGOS


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