Ceas & Soul Button – Sphere (Original Mix) [SNIPPET]

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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Couple Affair 05
Label: Steyoyoke
Format: Vinyl [Only]
Release Date: May 7th, 2019
Cover Art: Emmanuel Lafont
Cat No: SYYK093

This year’s edition of Steyoyoke’s ‘Couple Affair’ features four solid tracks that combines two artists from six label members: Soul Button, Nick Devon, Strinner, Darko Milosevic, Arude and Ceas. This memorable vinyl only EP, brings the family together by showcasing the strength and harmony created by the pioneers of Ethereal Techno.

Nick Devon and Darko Milosevic join forces to create ‘Pictures From The Past’, a heavenly techno imprint of a never-ending climax. Strong and dreamy, this collaboration is the ideal way to begin the EP. Next up, Strinner teams up with Soul Button with ‘Oracle’ and takes us to a darker space with a deep, echoing melody, and a refrain that is pared back to its essential parts. Following is Soul Button and Arude who takes the twisted, dark path down to ‘Opia’, with a tragically beautiful melody that invites you into its mysterious basslines and addictive synths. The final track by Ceas and Soul Button, ‘Sphere’, sets out to break the hearts of people around the globe as they experience the emotive nature of this timeless gem.

This year’s ‘Couple Affair’ release comes to you exclusively on vinyl, ensuring only the most pure and organic frequencies penetrate your ear drums. An infinite beauty, ‘Couple Affair’ stands out proudly amongst the Steyoyoke releases for it’s loyalty to Ethereal Techno.

A1. Nick Devon & Darko Milosevic – Pictures From The Past (Original Mix)
A2. Strinner & Soul Button – Oracle (Original Mix)
B1. Soul Button & Arude – Opia (Original Mix)
B2. Ceas & Soul Button – Sphere (Original Mix)

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