How #Colorism and #Black #Consciousness Led Me to the #IBMOR Red Pill

I’m sorry about the length of this one, but I had to explain to you how it was that Black consicousness and #colorism led me to the red pill and #IBMOR. It’s not just so that you will understand that in fact Black men also face colorism, and even in adulthood, and both complexions of Black men, but I also explained for another reason that I explain in the end. It’s a long story, but it has a lesson in the end for both Black men and Black women alike. In th end, I want our children to not have to face #colorism from other Black people, neither in childhood nor adulthood.


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  1. Peace. I'm a muslim female. I originally came to your channel because your channel popped up when I was searching for Ayesha Curry news. I wasn't going to leave a comment on your channel until I see this new video of yours. Brother, you're a grown man, and you can do Whatever you want with your life. But how can you call yourself a "muslim"and also call yourself a "red pill" person? If I recall, the Red Pill philosophy basically preaches that women are evil wh*res with no self control over their loins, therefore do not get married to women & don't trust women because they're backstabbing… Brother, in no passage of the Koran does it say that muslim women (or women in general) are evil wh*ores who have no self control like animals. (If anyone can be accused of having animalistic it's males, but I digress). Anyhoo, if you want to remain single like redpill teaches, I support that 100%. If you want to be redpill, go right ahead, that's your free will. But please don't mix that with Islam, and please do go around preaching that redpill is a great path for muslims. That's dangerous and sad. .Yes I agree many Human Beings are backstabbing wicked and can't be trusted, the Koran even says so: but that's due to their bad hearts, not because they're female (or male)……. There are some hardcore "feminists" who believe all males are animalistic who lie & cheat with no self control, that men will mess with anything with a pulse that moves: I can't call myself a muslim woman and go around preaching that philosphy either.. Are many people that way? Yes, even the Koran says most men are ungrateful….(yes Unbelieving Women are wild because they're not following God's instructions, of course they'll behave more animalistic/ungrateful/backstabbing etc….the Unbelieving American men are getting fed up with unbelieving women and forming red pill/mgtow etc) … I've seen so much wickedness from people, even Muslim males, that it'd be easy for me to say all males are evil manipulators with no self control, or that all white people are bad, or all Christians are bad. But I wont do that. Why, because that's not what it means to be Muslim…….. I support your Freedom of Speech. This is your channel you can say whatever you want, I'm just saying be careful mixing red pill with true Islam. peace.

  2. It really sucks how us light-skinned black men are seen to prove ourselves to our own community. I was glad I was raised to just be myself n not see color, u know I think light skinned black men only and dark skinned women only suffer the most sadly. In my environment I only see dark blacks with only other dark blacks or brown skinned at the lightest for Black or they will be with another race and what's sad I only know 3 to 5 people in my entire life where I ever seen a light skinned and dark skinned black person together and I'm 19 now. I plan on leaving state for many reasons but I just want a better life and honestly I'm getting to a point where I don't want to date city women anyone and I want to experiment with small town more off the grid women. I really hope I finish with a black woman but I really hate saying my changes are soo low because me being red pilled, conservative, good person doing right, light skin, and being more different than the average black person I feel like the true minority of my community, do u think my experiment I plan on trying will be a good idea vs dealing with the majority of corrupt women in the city?


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