Black Dot – Hip-Hop Controversy & Exposes Extreme Racists Pt. 3 (Full Video)

openupyourmind101 – black dot author and lecturer of hip hop decoded. Explains how words and language can have their own definitions based on one’s own consciousness. Discusses the word “Nigga” says it is a term of endearment.


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  1. I am mind body and spirit having a human experience here on planet earth. John 4:16 Jesus Christ said “I am the way and the truth and the life, No one comes to the Father except through me.” The creator of the universe = The Alpha and Omega, True light that shines in the balance of Space repels out all fear & darkness there is no darkness living in the light. 💡 Christ is the key for your eternal salvation “ur soul” that will be saved by grace not taken by darkness “Satan” who is the deceiver of this world! John 3:16 Open ur mind to this …… even the Devil believes Jesus Christ is the Lord & Saviour that’s why his greatest mission here on earth is to have complete mind control over human life because he doesn’t want souls being saved for the Kingdom of God. He mocks he deceives, he’s all about mass deception corruption and infiltration just to enslave human minds and take their soul so they cannot make the choice for there eternal salvation. Food for thought 💭 the mind is a terrible thing to waste . 🙏🏽

  2. He's a master deceiver sent to throw your mind in a lop God said don't listen to false profits or take any other false idols as your god Buddhism is a false demonic deity whom believes in meditation to open inner self up to be entertain which means to detain something or someone so something can enter which is one way to do that meditation getting in touch with inner self

  3. funny in old pagan beliefs in europe sic sic sic or 666 in its modern form represents love if im not mixing things up lol
    to bad it means something else to many these days

  4. Black dot got a dope way of articulating. Read the book. Decoded. He bobs & weaves to get u to the point sometime but the message is clear. Lotta blind sheep mad he pullin the covers on here tho. #cmonson

  5. To the guy 5 spaces down the guy on In living color had a mental problem so acually he's exposing the new age music industry as a fraud and it really has been that way scince the early 90's/case and point we look up to justein beiber when we used to look up to people like micheal jackson/prince/rick james/morris day/and a never ending list of people that made timeless music. will beiber's music have the same endurance ha ha ha T.o.Q.think out quiet.

  6. stephan white you ignorant shit. If his dialect is all you get from this video, then you are not prepared (mentally) for the information he's sharing.

  7. 666 refers to Esau, the Vessel of Destruction, Or you can call him the White man,
    And the mark (Covenant) of the Beast is Western Philosophy, Trade, Banking, Democracy, Politics Education, Religion, Babylonian Sun worship, Roman and Greek Debauchery. This is the Mark of the Beast.. You can't buy or sell if you don't have agreements with the ruling elite. Bill Cosby, TNT, Cuba, Korea. you get the picture?

    The Book of Revelations is the Bomb, if you know what's up!

    Red Dragon, represents a wicked nation, the Red people are who? 7 heads, the Major Empires the White man had, 1 Greece, 2 Rome, 3 Spain, 4 France, 5 Germany, 6 Russia, 7 Great Britain. America is an extension of GB Known as Babylon The Great…

    White man never wrote the Bible, why condemn yourself? HE stopped us from reading, took away our understanding and implanted Greek customs into the perception of the Scriptures. Pagan mess.

    African's didnt go into Slavery, Israelites that Lived in West Africa did, That's us Guys.
    We ain't Black, or Leo Scipio Africanus' children, We are Princes of God, Israel..
    Killa Priest already told you but you dropped the ball.

  8. a black man invented the traffic light amongst other things and ideas used to this day but a black man was also the FIRST slave owner in the US fuck fuck this black white yellow purple nonsence its about a person as a person and their doings and morals this color thing is instilled into every1 by THEM the bad to make every 1 divided don't be a fucking moron use your brain don't let them use your brain

  9. Cunnilingus = "Some type of mutilation or something" This guy is a genius!…. He says the White man is holding everyone back and they're all talking about blacks behind their backs….What the hell is he doing?…I don't see those Rappers sharing their money with the old neighborhoods….they moved the hell out! I also don't see any pictures of these other so called "Elites" doing that gay ass tongue kissing either….I see these so called thugs all being a bunch of gay wads.

  10. Love your lectures. Thank you. I am white and find this empowering to know about the manipulations of my fellow man in a different light so I can be more helpful and aware of how far and extreme the programming is on all of the cultures fronts. Fuck racist and racism, just plain ignorant. UBUNTU

  11. Racism is a sign of ignorance first off. I understand the dudes upset in what those people posted. Statistics don't mean anything because not all black people are the same and not all white people are the same. We should just think of each other as the human race we'd be a ton more productive as people. But yeah I'm like half white and I don't think any of its true, I love hip hop all race rappers. There phora he's Mexican, Joey badass, capital Steez there black, eminem he's white.
    Also this dude says white dudes are bi sexual? That's just not accurate and people can be gay if they want. But yeah


  13. Excellent!  Keep Feeding our spirits!  It's like when you know something internally but nothing matches your frequency and then boom…it clicks…Each part 1,2,3..5 (videos) is awakening.


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