Bobby Hemmitt is Alive! – Melanin & The Mystical Alchemy of Crack Cocaine – Part 1

Provocative lecture with the latest break-throughs in Melanin and new discoveries in the psycho-spiritual aspects of Crack Cocaine. Bobby Hemmitt is in rare form droppin the super meta-physical science to a packed audience of surviving Afro-German Holocaust victims in Frankfurt, Germany. Exclusive footage!


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  1. I would think so to, but unfortunately them dudes don't have the same sense of humor as me and banned me from their Facebook page for creating and posting this. I guess they got a lil too butt hurt about it. Lol!

  2. I have to say this is some funny shit right here!lol Even though Bobby is held in high respect in the concious community, I think even Bobby would laugh a bit if heard this impersenation!

  3. This can't be a brother. Just can't be. I refuse to accept that. Gotta be one of those self hating pink people. I'm unsubscribing. You almost had my support. I'm out.We have no time for GAmes.

  4. I was tryn to be nice at first but now I see that you are indeed a hater of yourself and that which is truth. I dont know if u are a melanin based entity or not but it doesn't matter at this point because the very thing in which you make fun of is what animates you daily……Dark Matter… GODZ RIZE NOW!!

  5. @305abraham You can keep telling yourself that and stay drunk off that Kool-Aid you sippin, or come to terms that mimicry is quite different from imitation and carries a more insulting connotation. In my humble opinion.

  6. This video is hilarious and ignorant at the same time. Bobby Hemmitt is a great teacher and deserves much respect but as it has been said imitation is the greatest form of flattery so Bobby…… consider yourself flattered! U know what I'm sayn,lol!

  7. This isnt Bobby Hemmit ur a damm fool, dumb house nigger tryin to disrespect bobby KMT. I bet u wouldnt do this shit to david icke u sell out retarded self hater. Bobbys one of the realist speakers weve got in the black community, dont try an slander his name with ur uncle tom tomfoolery go educate urself LOSER.

  8. @DayOneMedia Sad you are so stupid, because there is not anything funny about this information. Information that is important is not a joke.

  9. I believe that anyone who has something negative to say about anything is ignoring the fact that right, or wrong people can speak their minds, opinions, and views. To come spitting venom against anything shows gross disrespect of the "view" above, and it is easy to "hide behind" the Internet.

    Last thing: Check your, AND OUR history to see if these things are true.

    It's easy for Thieves to take, and then say someone cannot provide "for self".

    But… have a right to say it. 😀

  10. Hahahaha!!! I found this HILARIOUS!!! All the melanin mongering, Moorish "gods" seem to just make the shit up as they go along. Begging the "grafted soulless devil" for food, clothing, shelter and jobs. Hahahaha!!! All that super cosmic kabbalah, "decoding" movies nonsense…and can't even provide for self. IDIOTIC!!!

  11. @blackezi3 Don't you dare question the great master Hemmitt! He sees all and knows all and will unleash the spirits on you!! LOL! No doubt, people on the whole food kick kill me. It's one thing if you're truly sick then particular diet might be a lil more important….that's exactly why we dropped the pork wisdom in there! LOL! To clown the mind frame of those becoming slaves to religious food practices. Yeah, Cheese Nips is the hit!…I'm witcha!!

  12. @DayOneMedia I member I used so anxious to hear Bobby on blogtalkradio so I could get my "quick fix" on Bobby-Hemmittism lol. To say that you have to go looking and reading so fervently for knowledge implies that you have none in the first place. Like the video said, its like we hooked on crack or somethin. And that video where you said make pork the sacrament of your religion was CLASSIC. People say Cheese Nips is bad, but i'll marry it if i could lol lol

  13. Thank you, Thank you! for this video DayOneMedia. First off lemme say I listen to Bobby too, but I feel like its the same as following a religion like its "Bobby-Hemmittism" lol. Its funny cause mad people get out of religions and dogma to listen to another person who is teaching camouflaged religion lol lol. And even some people are getting defensive and saying that Bobby wouldnt like this video like he's a Pastor/ Preacher. This video opened my eyes, thanks!

  14. I appreciate the compliments……this truly inspires me……stay tuned for part 3. Make sure to check for the newest Kemetic Meta-physical master Rev. Rabbi Sheik Baba Will Valentino, spiritual leader of the new Sovereign Moorish Afro-Washitaw Nation.

  15. Man… this is pathetic homey…….not even funny…… you must have been on that killer kush Huh? i can appreciate your attempt at comedy but you lost on this one…. i aint even mad at you though… the dude does sound a lil throwed but we're not here to kill the messenger its about the message… do you disgree with bobby hemmitt?

  16. This is bull shit. Why are you ripping into Bobby and attacking his character? He never said "worship the way the white man worships".
    Why not attack your enemy instead of your brother?


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