Old women cant be taught


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  1. the only female that can qualify to be a wife is a young virgin. any female who ain't a virgin is damaged goods!
    to bad this brother talk about being a minister yet he never bring any scripture sad

  2. it's because once they've graduated from high school. (they think they are adults now they think they've arrived! ) then after they've been abused by one or two men then they all messed up.
    I met a nice young lady a few years back 16 friendly polite a sweet young lady. She graduates and is working; a totally different spirit in just a couple years. sad

  3. they're all full of shit!! young or old,the first three dumb bitches I met,was my mother and 2 sisters,and that was only a preview of things come,when I got old enough to the point where I started having an interest in females and started dealing with other females,the first thing I noticed is that those bitches were just like my mother and sisters.it has been said that females mature faster than males,but that has to be physically,because mentally,the average female is goddamn trainwreck…..young or old!!!!

  4. What’s funny is you got broads in their 40’s competing with their daughters. If you ever listen them talk to younger women it’s all about getting $$ and playing games with men. Nothing positive or constructive or helpful. It’s actually quite sad when you think about it…….

  5. You have no respect for any women. Any male who refers to women as "a bitch" or "old bitch" or "bitches" has already de-humanized them in his mind and spirit. "When was the last time you molded and shaped a old bitch?" WTH makes you think you should be molding and shaping anybody other than yourself? You have no understanding, compassion nor ability to love. You and those like you are "a clear and present danger" to our women and children.

    "We select you." No, my man, you ask and she says "yes" or "no." No woman, young or old, in her right mind would say "yes" to you for anything. Any man who degrades, disparages and debases black women the way you do, is incapable of a healthy relationship. Human beings have value at every stage of their lives. All you can see is your carnal lust up against the value young women: and even they are disposable in your eyes. Your comments on older black women's intelligence is indicative of your own stupidity. The Bible refers to Wisdom as "she." You speak harshly of women's looks –
    have you looked in the mirror lately? You constantly refer to "old bitches" over 30. Look in the mirror, your youth dew has already evaporated my man; your pudginess and double chin removes you from the "selectable list" in the eyes of young and older women.

    Remember the reputation of men is in the mouths of their women. If men love, protect, provide for, and promote the women and children in their families and communities, their women and children will respect them, honor them and push them to lead. But if a group of men defile, degrade, debase, disrespect and kill the spirits of their own women – these same men have targeted themselves for extinction.

  6. You will waste time and youth with a old bitch. She just wants to control your movements to win. It's a reason they go through men o pause. That's God's sign for men to pause when dealing with this hoe.

  7. JAP YOUR THE SHIT!! Truth brother…Got a friend that goes to Maryland Bystreet in Maryland (off route 50) to seek older women with grown kids…low hanging fruits!!! He is childless and still dating easy women!!!

  8. Yo JAP i just seen a video on youtube on OWN ilyana vanzant that just backed up your videos on old mad bw where the wife prob the ex wife now falsely accused the husband of rapeing his three daughters. But peep how the life 👀💩😂

  9. I love her, but hey my own mother drives me crazy, and you right Jap a 25yo to 40 yo thats like picking a grape over a raisin. Appreciate the vid fam

  10. Listen Jap and fellow brothers: You do not want to crack nothing old but a bottle of 🍷 wine. An old broads is as serviceable as the clothing you wear to cut the grass. An old broad, broke broad, broads with kids better fall in line, and be on their BEST behavior at all times. Truth be told, we shouldn't give them the time of day anyway.

  11. I’m old (42) and I promise I’m not mad fam. As you know I’m not a single mother, was married before and own my house. Allah (SWT) is good and my father (God rest his soul) taught me the game. But I am gonna make it my business to teach and mentor young girls.

  12. I had a ex that told me she envied me because i have no kids and no stress and she felt i had too much of a care free life,so she worked out a deal with here baby daddy to let there 2 teenage daughters live with him for the school year so she could have freedom to be the best hoe she could be and compete with me,now i understand women wil always envy the power of a man,thats why they want to do everything we do.please speak on it minister jap

  13. Ayisha curry is just like that woman in tyler perry's movie TEMPTATION,ungrateful to a good husband,remember when steph curry mom was sitting in that guys lap and his dad was right there like it was no big deal,women love push over dudes like russle wilson and steph curry,minister jap lace us with the game how this is what women want now so they can wear the pants and skirt in the relationship now

  14. I still can't understand why a lot of older women claim they dont need or want a man, yet they still talk and complain about men. Or some older women say they wont date a man unless he's rich, ect standards all the way too high lol


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