Professor Griff & Lord Jamar – America's Struggle on The Conscious Mind (Full Interview)

openupyourmind101 presents – 2015 kicking it with Professor Griff of Public Enemy & Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian including rapper Wise Intelligent all discuss the spiritual war of the mind in America, the oppression of black people and the destruction of black culture. Finding ways to raise the consciousness level of the people and gaining back control of Hip-Hop culture. The Wicked War On The Spiritual Mind & Soul


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  1. Peace and much love to the GODS. Keep the people up on Cointelpro because these computers driven revolutionaries safe in front them computers at home drinking lemonade. Thanks for getting it clear Griff peace and if you hate go to another channel

  2. this all makes since but father god said he will not free us until we repent all knowledge is good but u half to acknowledge the father and include him in all things

  3. +openyourmind101 So how is that idea about the Black Conscious Music featuring musical acts and wisdom action panels with Public Enemy and Brand Nubian going? If your channel has more information about that I would really like to listen to it or read more about it. And thanks for posting this!!!!!! It has been truly mind & soul strengthening!!!!!!!!

  4. AS A COLLECTIVE. WE HAVE TO HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS. Their POCKETS. That's the TRUTH, which will lead to being able to sustain our souls and consciousness. Otherwise we might as well concede defeat. Most folks don't even care. All you here is "It is what it is" I just want the money. But they never stop to question themselves about "How much a dollar cost" It's a spiritual war and this is all by design. We have to lead by example. And it's not many leading. They are followers of the "MIGHTY DOLLAR" …People are for self. They lack THE HEART AND SMARTS to walk this path. It's better this way. Big Krit knows wassup. Go listen to King Pt. 4

  5. WISE INTELLIGENT keep speaking that truth B. Fuck the money. It's all about the gospel of truth. Nothing is more important than righteousness & speaking truth to power. In the words of Malcolm X "If your not willing to die for FREEDOM, get it out your vocabulary"

  6. NO AMOUNT OF MONEY can EVER PERSUADE REAL. If it does, those brothers weren't as real as they THOUGHT they were. I don't even want to rap, because I know what the people want to hear and it goes against everything I believe in.

  7. When it all comes down to it. People will SELL THEY OWN SOUL, They're FAMILY, Their values and morals. Anything for a buck nowadays. That hard shit is what has us in this position now. It's all Social conditioning and propaganda. I don't listen to the radio its all bs. We need to be worried about being ENLIGHTENED vs being ENTERTAINED. It just don't get any planer than that. KOS is imperative as a whole. I would join ya'll brothers any day. I know real when I see and hear it. You can contact me @

  8. Peace to the GODS speaking truth to power. Wise intelligent hit it on the money regarding why they wont play him on the radio they'll give a broths a record deal in a minute for those spreading violence and perpetuating the use of drugs and downing our beautiful black queens. It's even got to the point where OUR women are lost in the white mans TRAP. It's ridiculous.

  9. That's how I know I'm different than most of the people in around. 85ers are lost sleep walking dead sheep. Give a brother some money and they think they are REAL & WINNING. In all actually they LOSERS. I quote in GODS WORD: "Come Out Of Her My People"

  10. The only hope we have to get out the MATRIX is to hit them where it hurts. And that's their POCKETS. We need to stop celebrating these FAKE PAGAN HOLIDAYS. EASTER, THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS. Once we do that as a COLLECTIVE then that's when we will even have a voice.

  11. Basically they are controlling the conscious MIND with what the subconscious mind thinks/deems important. That's the illusion. So many of us are just giving up what they know are internal FACTS encoded in our DNA over PROGRAMMED files for $$$$. It's a war between the impure souls Vs. Pure soul. Ironically they are rewarding the "IMPURE" soul. It's so obvious they don't want GOD in America. Hence Kayne West "No church in the wild" Even these celebrities are sending allegoric messages in their music. They want to give it all back so bad. But they can't. It's too late. Check out J.Cole's "Love Yours"

  12. #FACTS I'm dealing with this right now. They don't want THINKERS, they want MINDLESS DUMMIES who won't stand up and speak truth to power. Even if your on the hush about it. They'll know if you actually think for yourself, as soon as they can't control/bird you how they want too. A lot of homies I did have look at me sideways like "Well they have to PAY ME regardless" in my mind I'm like "So money will make you give u everything you stand for" I'll die from being broke and hungry for this TRUTH. That's the key to immortality. I honestly believe they haven't seen this much passion about truth justice & peace since Christ.

  13. Indeed…I was raised in the first resurrection of the Nation Of Islam from 1970 – 1976 ( Temple #13 Springfield Massachusetts "Union Street" ) I attended the Sister Clara Muhammad School at Temple #13….Then the first resurrection of the NOI was changed to "The Bilailians" in 1976 and then American Muslim Mission in 1979.
    Then Muslim American Society and then The Society of American Muslims. …

  14. Yes this is the best of it all word love u lord Jamal u just don't know n respect to professor Griff the way he sound today put that work in it needs to be done lord Jamal u help save a lot its to much miss education going on we got to survive n it s soo hard

  15. If you grow up in this mental sewage of post-slavery USA, I guess seeing a brother looking like that Jamar in the picture, maybe you see someone 'keepin' it real' or looking 'fly' or 'street'. But if you have any of your divine African mind left intact and you realize the centuries-old scheme to forever keep Black men childish, bamboozled and divorced from African manhood and dignity, you'll see just another of countless doofy-looking, confused, graceless, obedient negro boys. Men don't dress like that.
    Things that don't come to mind when you see a grown Black man with a sideways baseball cap: 'Wise', 'Intelligent', 'Lord'.

  16. I don't know who 'Lord Jamar' is, but if he's the dude in the picture who looks like a dumb kid at Six Flags with his mom, why would any adult want to listen to that doofus?

  17. Like Guru said (back in '93)…They changed Hip-Hop from it's classical roots. Now, we got Saltines trying to tell us how it is and what it's about.  Go back to two turn-tables, two records & a microphone…put the heart and soul back into the music. Snatch the Mic back brotherz…bring back High-Frequency music…black women need to feel the positive black male energy and our children need it as well! Peace.


  19. +mansamusa2012
    i knew that if i scrolled down far enough was going to see some ignorant lil kid like YOU say some "ever since vlad tv" comment — NO lil man…jamar been saying what hes been saying since the 80s….lord jamar and professor griff have done songs together since the early 90s….

    theyve been doing these types of discussions and teaching ppl since the 90s lil man…not since jamar said what he said recently on vlad tv…..

    lord jamar is explained his origin and you STILL make some "yea since vladTV" comment….the fuck is wrong with you?????

     you kids need to understand…that whenever YOU find out things…is NOT when the knowledge culminated

    and if wise intelligent (from the hip hop group poor righteous teachers) was on vlad tv you'd make some ignorant comment about him as if he just came out because of when YOU heard of him

    its a shame you lil kids DONT EVEN LIKE old school hip hop from the 80s and 90s

    and NO you cant comment back…what said is a factual lecture for you to learn from….

  20. I love the knowledge and am humbled to have come across this. I really feel hurt though by the use of the words black and white. Is that still the reality? I understand where reality has been, but at this point, I think the Devil has far passed skin color. I am sure I am ignorant to many things, but is that really still the situation? I feel I have as many people against me of whatever skin color as any other.


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