New Afro Conscious Social Network Blaqsbi

Join the new Afro-Conscious Social Network.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of consciousness. In this time all lies, deceptions, and false information will fade away. To encourage the process and ensure that Black people are the leaders of this new revolution in human thinking, a new social network strictly for Black unity minded people has been launched. It’s called Blaqsbi.
The aim of Blaqsbi is to provide a space where Black and Afra-kan people can gather to “Share, Believe, and Inspire” the Black Afrakan race to greatness. S.B.I means to Share ancestral knowledge, to Believe in our greatness, and to Inspire others to strive for racial unity. Therefore, blaqsbi is a space to develop solidarity on numerous issues we face as a people in society and in the world at large. They also aim to erase the self-destructive traits that enslave our people’s minds.
Black people spend countless hours on social networks. While we may benefit socially from social networks, the fact is, most of them were not designed for our benefit. Facebook for instance, was initially designed for college students to connect and share information but it quickly transformed into an information gathering and advertising network. They make billions of dollars per year collecting user information, which they use to sell targeted advertising. The more time you spend on those Social Networks, it’s the more you’re being used.
The lives and social condition of Black people will never improve if Black people do not take back control of our own minds. It is evident that Black people have become the most manipulatable race on the planet due to the abandoning of our ancestral traditions. We have adopted every form of deception and manipulation there is from corrupt religious ideologies and mindless consumerism to self-hatred and a desire to bleach out all evidence of our Blackness. All because we don’t engage in enough critical thinking.
A person becomes racially and socially conscious when he or she is able to properly decipher information in an efficient manner that benefits his or her life and longevity. The operators of this new social network know that the sharing of information and ideas is the best way to develop racial consciousness. Furthermore, discussion develops thoughtfulness, which also in turn develops the motivation to try to make the world a better place.
It’s time to stop being used by our oppressors and we need to come together in more ways than sports and entertainment. If you are a conscious minded Black person who values your Afrakan ancestry, and you crave to voice your thoughts and opinions regarding the condition and improvement of the Afrakan race then join Blaqsbi social network today.


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