Clotilda – The Last American Slave Ship‼️ (Cudjoe Lewis)

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#CudjoeKazoolaLewis (c. 1841 – July 17, 1935), born Oluale Kossola,[1] and also known as Cudjo Lewis, was the second to last known survivor of the #AtlanticSlaveTrade between #Africa and the #UnitedStates. Together with 115 other African captives, he was brought illegally to the United States on board the ship #Clotilda in 1860. (Wikipedia)… Join us at #RBCF as we visit the sacred sites of #AfricanTown located in Mobile, Alabama.

Click on link for: Dora Franklin Finley African-American Heritage Trail (DFFAAHT)

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  1. amazing how much that guy dan conway is willing to lie on and to his own people…he is a disgrace…the abos self hate is so real.


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