MARCH – 1 – 2019
Restoration Fund Donations:
PO BOX 9634
Wilmington DE 19809



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  1. I got ten thousand says there will be no school I agree with what he preaches on the system on schools and other subjects but the talk donations and no outcome is just crazy I donated to him in 2009 and I thought he was legit but ten years later I'm like damn my nigga the kids you talking about go be grown before you get the school

  2. I disagree with the sellout notion this guy is giving….about Oprah, Condoleeza, Barak etc; saying they don't believe they can be saved….this is a factual stance that the speaker himself believes about blacks…and there is some truth to it…but i don't believe this is those mentiomed above stance…

  3. Marvin knows what he is speaking about….he is enlighten/transparency…as i said blacks are their own demise…bullets and guns were created because of blacks…

  4. in this ultra fast paced, money guided, self centered and modern slavery era wr ppl are payed 15 dollars an hr and suffer from life, this man is heaven sent (even if he does not build any school, his verbal fight gets huge credit). it took me less than 5 yrs of presence to learn how black ppl are systematically rejected from the nation built by the free labour of our fathers! (sad that even the victims do nor realize it!!)
    respect umarJohnson KING.

  5. There’s no difference between Trump supporters and Umar supporters. They both defend a man who tells them what they want to hear, makes promises as to what they will do and don’t deliver on anything meaningful .
    Trump promised a wall and got a fence. Umar promised a school and got? Even if he does open the school, his ego and unwillingness to work with people will bring him down. People, Umar’s views will be used to destroy him. He is telling you himself that he doesn’t have a team to support him in this video, but you’re so caught up listening to his rhetoric, you don’t here the truth. He’s alone, broke and doesn’t have good business sense.

  6. A black person did not invent the computer or traffic light. Please stop spreading lies. Black ppl have invented many things, those are not on the list

  7. Yes, Black and White people alike do not understand what racism is. Has nothing to do with liking or loving someone but its about power over another group. People tend to mix up racism and bigotry.

  8. I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone. This man has provided zero proof for anything. The was never a practical ambition from the beginning with no business plan/outline, cost analysis, projected annual operating cost, required staff, possible vendors, licenses required, transportation for students, a solid precise mission statement, INSURANCE, etc. No transparency for the money donated and how it is being allocated. The current balance of funds? I mean, please tell me that this all has been one long running joke and that black people are not this naive. There is no way not to see this for what it is and has been.

  9. 😂😂😂 this nigga made two videos from OUTSIDE the buildings he supposedly own. Where are the live video's of Jermaine walking his fat ass around any of those buildings (and I said LIVE VIDEO not some low quality prerecorded bullshit). He made this big ole grand announcement saying he wouldn't be doing the traveling preacher routine anymore, so he can focus on the school. That lying nigga still out here preaching and collecting money for the building fund,lmaoo. I swear Michael "polight" Noak and Jermaine "umar" Shoemake have the best hustles going. They know their target audience better than those imbeciles know themselves. #hilarious

  10. All of you are too damn gulible since Umar has allowed over tweny dates to pass with no school, or explanation why the school did not open.

    Now he claims to have bought a building where we don't know what he paid for it.

    It a burnt out shack, not a campus that he is asking for free labor and a million bucks to complete.

  11. Again Umar is promoting more nonsense.

    He could not have been a school principal without a number of years of teaching experince and a teaching certificate.

    In his interview Roland Martin he claims a certificate as a principal but not he not name a teaching degree among his six degrees.

    Nor, he says anything about employee experince as a teacher in the public school system.

  12. the caller who said about the government sending blacks to war. well guess what, you're not obligated to join army. those clowns choose bec of benefits like educations, future jobs, etc. you actually get paid large to join army. usa is one of biggest earners who join army! fake cry

  13. They put her on the "auction block", she had no voice, she was a token show piece. They think nothing of humiliating and dehumanizing Black people, it is in their nature. Therefore, it should be refuted, rejected and held with disdain. But, money is very alluring.

  14. I am proud to hear the school will be opening. I will be proud to contribute regularly to the success of this school for black boys ……independently run by black educators…..hope this will be the start of many more.


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