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  1. So t.i wrong for wanting to be on the side of anti violence? I’m just curious…. it’s not ok to not want guns or drugs in our community? I’m just curious

  2. Boscoe is the biggest fuckin clout chaser alive fuk this boi talkin bout tip ain't never fuckin snitch he had to do that commercial as a part of his release + 3million + a bunch of programs speaking to kids nd schools nd shit niggaz speak on what they would've done not actual fuckin facts tired of these lame ass niggaz tip OG so if he see a lil retarded nigga outta pocket he gonna speak on it that's what's wrong with you niggaz now giving passes to young dummies

  3. But you were just upholding T.I.’s statement toward Kodak but now you’re coming back around toward TIP. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ These niggas moral and ethical compass is clicks.

  4. I don't think TI doing that commercial was a big deal. Wasn't it part of his plea deal? At the end of the day he didn't convince any solid street niggas to snitch with that commercial. The only ppl that were convinced to snitch by it were snitches who were already snitches and hadn't had the chance to snitch yet. The tip line was active before TI and they had commercials before TI.

  5. Y’all niggaz so fucked up deez days, I’m so tired of that dumb nigga shit, till y’all got a child or something kidnapped who y’all gone call, 911! Stop acting like that nigga was doin so 12 shit like foreal, y’all got to be the dumbest people I’ve ever seen man, u and Kodak jes a bunch of pump faking fraud ass mofuckas!! Can’t stand you niggas nowadays!

  6. And you talking about them fuck nigha u stay clout chasing talking shit about people and u ugly as shit bruh and u ain't getting big at all what you do wit that rump roast face, wit your donkey nose not to mention you got whooped and ran pussy I dont know why people even watch this fake ass pussy anyman that run in a fight cant come out and talk bout no gang shit fuck queen street this the nigha that repn yall 🀣🀣


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