Emery Smith : The E .T Genetic Programs – Conscious Life Expo Talks 2019

Emery Smith : The E .T Genetic Programs – Conscious Life Expo Talks 2019
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Talks are being released throughout the week!

See your favorite luminaries in action with live audiences recorded at the Conscious Life Expo 2019, only on Gaia. These sessions, lectures, and interactive workshops celebrate the conscious co-creation of a new world.

Explore new paradigms of science, spirituality, longevity, community, relationship, health, and well-being. This three-day gathering of the tribes allows us to focus and direct our creative intentions together.


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Comment (21)

  1. For so many years I have been scared into silence about all the events that have happened in my life.I was afraid to speak out for fear of my family and I no longer had any contact with our community like I had for years, i totally dropped out , I did no more research no more communication , totally just withdrew from everyone and everything. Im from a small place and in my past I was very vocal about the larger scope of what was going on in the cosmos and the events in my own life .The things I was speaking on got around fast and ppl very quickly chalked me off as a nut case, but that is not why i was silenced and im not about to share that here.
    All im saying is people like Bill Tompkins,Emery Smith,David Adair and others have given me so much hope, they have helped fill in so many gaps in my own personal life,they give me hope for tomorrow,they have vindicated me on so many levels by so many others who once tried to cut me down and ridicule me over all this amazing life changing info and for what i have had to go through.I thank all of you guys for standing up and fighting for what is right, you guys have given me the strength to get back out here and spread the message.
    I will no longer be controlled by the fear they try to impose on us,I will share my story with you all one day. We all must stand together,everyone who reads this I love you all and send you all my positive energy.Thanks.

  2. I can’t help but wonder if you’re coming out, are the ones in charge of this , do they care you’re talking about this? Is this a mutual agreement to speak out

  3. Emery Smith seems the most credible out of everyone I have watched. Phillip Scheider. Steven Greer. David Wilcox… Now Smith. Slowly gaining more knowledge so thankyou 🙂

  4. Remember those pneumatic office tubes that sent messages via air tunnel system? Those were cool! 😁🌎🏝 People shud travel in those like in Logans Run kind of. 🐈

  5. I like to be the devils advocate in that if humanity never experienced the drawbacks then we wud not know to fix them and grow by learning but if the reasoning is not to help us grow but to hinder our growth then that is not creating the ascending experience but destroying that wich is excelsior. Like Mr. E said it makes us stronger.
    Also Aliens should not be called "aliens" because they I read they do not like that. They are ETs or People or Friends or even Brothers and Sisters. Thanks! 🖖👽🌎🏝 Much magic! 💖

  6. They don't care about him talking about aliens and stuff like that… They just don't want him talking about ZERO POINT ENERGY, free energy; For years free energy devices have existed [been invented many times]; Everyone's energy could be free, but they don't want you knowing that because they would rather sell you energy, and that includes for your vehicles; All vehicles would run on zero point energy as well: 22:44


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