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  1. 🗣Email Anti Afro Svengali the lady who Jermaine issued a Death threat to on his livestream!
    Her channel gave birth to all what your covering now….years ago & still going strong!
    Plus Lenon Honor (A good Family Man) as well as Dope Coke1 (who gives you the raw uncut truth on this Actor )

  2. I smell booolshit fraud Friend Really U till U in Dept fraud its not only that hes a scammer its that how many has he scammed over the years that a ashamed of coming forword its8 over umar

  3. That's interesting. The only thing I've been able to find are IRS tax liens, state tax liens, an eviction notice, a trial for a traffic violation, and bench warrants for arrest for non-payment of child support.

  4. Omgoodness📹🎥📷👀Real G's 📺 TV exclusive…They've been digging I see..Wowsers. Does she have the actual documentation showing these are in fact Dr. Umar's charges?


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