Egypt (Kemet): The Source Of The Bible, Part 1 – Dr. Ray Hagins

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins provides in-depth documentation to clearly show you that the world’s #1 best seller (i.e., “The Bible”) is, de facto, a stolen, plagiarized, copied and represented literary works that has it’s true origins in the stories, concepts, ideologies and teachings of ancient Egypt. After watching this video, any and all arguments as to the incredibility of the bible should be laid to rest.

WARNING: Some of the facts presented in this informative video you may have never heard before. Just because something is outside of the circumference of your awareness does not mean that it is not true. It only means that you have to do some research on the subject to understand what is being presented. Please, don’t take our word for the information presented here. Do your own research.

I strongly suggest you read “The Worlds Sixteen Crucified Saviors” by Kersey Graves and “Christianity Before Christ” by John G. Jackson for more concrete information on this subject.

You can purchase this DVD and others by Dr. Ray Hagins at

Also, tune into to Dr. Ray Hagins online radio station at He broadcasts 24/7 and on Sundays and Wednesdays, 8pm-10pm EST he broadcasts live. He has a ton of information on African history, culture, religion, etc. Everyone can learn from his station regardless of how much you already know.

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  1. I noticed quite a few comments saying that everyone in the bible was fictitious… Pontius Pilate existed the governor who ordered Christ's death and Thomas is buried in India just to point out…I'm not agree arguing for or against any point just throwing out some info

  2. thats a lie the bible is translated from the torah and the tanoch wich began being written in 1000 BC and king james was a black man from the tribe of judah so it did not come out of kemet hebrew slaves built egypt why do think when the hebrew slaves left egypt nothing else was built there? and the next ones to pop up were in south america the olmecs myans and incas and they were hebrews they spoke hebrew they are part of the 12 tribes of israel so get your facts rite i have all the facts

  3. @zigsauer, You should study the history of the migrations from East Africa to West African. This ficticious designation between Subsaharan African and North Africa has been created by foreign invaders. The people and their cultures are related.

  4. @kevine316, No one in The Bible every historically existed. Where is the grave of anyone who was said to have lived in The Bible? Hebrews were never slaves in Kemet because they didn't exist at that time.

  5. @peasah2005, All of what you are speaking of existed before Kemet came into existence. Nubia is older than Kemet and Ethiopia is the Grandmother of Kemet. They had no language,, writing systems, art etc.?

  6. @drlebey, Who said to throw the Bible out? Dr. Hagins never said throw The Bible out. It's not history but we need to know it to free our people who are metally enslaved by it and believe it is the word of God.

  7. @UmakeMeSYK, there are truths in the Bible but the Bible is not true because it is religious literature and not literal history. NO one in The Biblical Text ever historically existed.

  8. @UnoRaza, The Ankh and the "Star Of David" are 2 different things. The Ankh is the African symbol of eternal life. The top portion represents the womb of the women. The bottom portion represents the phallus (penis) of the man. The bar in the middle represents the fallopian tubes that carry the egg. The womb and the penis come together to create life. The early Christians removed the female principle which was the oval shape at the top and replaced it with a smaller male principle.

  9. @FalseProphetKillah, What did Dr. Hagins say that was inaccurate. If you actually listen to his lectures he will tell you his sources. You can call into his show and he will tell you sources to read.

  10. More churches need to OWN up to their true origins! It's no wonder why "black" churches are so much more passionate and spiritual in their "Judeo-Christian" practices. Read your Torah, Bible or Quran, then go to a library, not just the Internet. Do a historical analysis, throw away those lies that are cherished to date which keep you enslaved. The truth must not only be the truth, it must also be told! A wise man once said that, his name was Fredrick Douglass. Sankofa!

  11. @Hotfries6671 There is NO archeological and no historical evidence for mass slavery of Hebrews in ancient Egypt. There IS evidence of semitic people moving into egypt, they even had the Pharao's throne once…and there is evidence they were kicked out..which proves that the Hebrews were inspired by Egyptian imagery and stories.however if anything there were a few Hebrew slaves and it was not for 400 years, more like 30 years. fact is egypt CREATED the Hebrew identity.

  12. View My 'Questions'…particularly #2 'euro-Khemtu'?…listed under My 'playlists' for convenience. Discussion and beneficial building/debating is encouraged. Sia Khru

  13. The inhabitants of North Africa are generally divided in a manner roughly corresponding to the principal geographic regions of North Africa: the Maghreb, the Nile Valley, and the Sahara. Northwest Africa on the whole is believed to have been inhabited by Berbers since before the beginning of recorded history

  14. while the eastern part of North Africa has been home to the Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians record extensive contact in their Western desert with peoples that appear to have been Berber or proto-Berber

  15. i don't understand , why be brought back into the worship of gods even if the civilization of the god worshipers was so advanced? isn't america advanced in knowledge (even if it is pagangrecoblah blah), original israelites were black and so were the so called egyptians they were led from…….where am i wrong?


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