Baba Dick Gregory digs deep. WHO and WHERE is G⊙D?? Until you reaalllly know, humble yo’ self!! Intriguing analysis on the true state of this country and its people, self-imposed fear of trump, sexism in the black community and our overall spiritual deficit in this country and the world.

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  1. Because of disobedience to his commandments Israel went into bondage and for the lowly deeds of the heart Judah was separate from his brothers… Truth is coming and it won't be denied …..Revenge is mines says the Lord God….For the innocent blood of the lord, even for Mr. Dicks (whom could have changed his name to mean more giving his level of understanding of Americanization), who is our savoir Jesus Christ…… meditate on his word to get an understanding of life and have a discerning heart of earthly matters till his return….precisely simple #Viewmyvideo's ##BlackFlagMovent #LetthechurchsayAmen
    #TruthReign….#Itwon'tbemoved #peacebestill ….Turf Management Follow me on Facebook #PositivelyBlack #God1st

  2. Dick Gregory says some of the most ignorant statements concerning religion and God, its almost hard to listen to. As infinite as his knowledge may be concerning American culture, he is equally ignorant concerning God.
    "A slave can't know God" I believe the Israelites were slaves Mr. Gregory.

  3. And in just about 22:28 minutes of tonight interview is indeed in my opinion truth be told the truth and food for thought I'm just saying always, always read between the lines because it is always, always in blacK and white on white paper in black ink sometimes in blue ink but never in red

  4. "A HUMANITARIAN MISSION": Means militarized missionary men and machinery. Invading – interring the interiors of occupied lands on the North American continent; in particular, Mexico and Canada and Alaska. Thus to safely and securely set the caught Conquistadors captives, fully financially "Free At Last" = Freedom Unto The Perfect Law of Liberty! http://usaa-plus-promise-lands.blogspot.com/
    Indeed, Indigenous Inhabitants; Inclusively "Indians". Namely, Naturalized – Nationalized Native NATINDIANS = Americanized Aboriginals-Africoidians, as America's and Africa's ascendants.
    Specifically stating Sociopath Sex Slavers = so sad Spaniards. Spanish speakers originally from Spain. Lower European nation and criminally corrupted country. Hybrid-humans who had/have no real rights to be on or occupying our originating homeland-habitats. Holding human hostages, in hostile hot-heated Hades hell holes, hideously hated – harmed and helplessly hurt. I'm inferring indigenous individual as Native Americans. All tribes – family folds, clans and kindred of humankind. http://humanity-humankind.blogspot.com
    We's & Us's: haven't historically, forgotten, all about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trades, between, South-Central-North Americas. The evil enemy Europeans entreaties – entanglements – entrapment and enslavement. The British of Canada and Spanish of Mexico. Intentionally incarcerating, imprisoning, Indigo-Indians of dark and light Brownskinned, copper-cosmetic coloration complexioned civilizations. Millions more melaninated minority-majority members. Maimed minds and mutilated membranes!!
    Consequently, concurrent changing climatic conditions, and corresponding compelling circumstances, call citizens to counter-combat Conquerors. Crazy colonialist-capitalist Captors. And all 'Afro-African Americans'; Aboriginal Africoidians and Amoorindians, AmericAfrindians, are arming America against all antagonist adversaries and alien agencies. Afriphobics and Afrophobics!!
    Courageous Commands & Declared Demands: Requires the return and restoration of our rare riches, realized royalties and rendered raw resources. = Restitution and reparations, due to the Spanish invaders inquisitions and, criminal Conquistadors Catholic Christians Crusades!
    Truly this transfers monetary means, native natural minerals, precious metals – stones-diamonds, gold and silver, copper and brass. Adding ancient ancestral artifacts and artworks and architectures. Real estate properties, farmlands, belonging to the public + personal and private Citizens of the; United States Sovereign Statutes!!!

  5. Baba Gregorys wisdom is profound on so many different levels. Damn, just raw life experience & the ability to analyze and more importantly ARTICULATE those thoughts/experiences into digestible jewels of truth. #Respect


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