Dreamspell Journey! The White Dog Season ~ Electric Dog * ENTERING THE 2ND ECLIPSE WINDOW OF 2019

Dreamspell Journey! The White Dog Season ~ Electric Dog * ENTERING THE 2ND ECLIPSE WINDOW OF 2019

Dreamspell Journey – The White Dog Season!

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Comment (26)

  1. You are so right on with this process…. Feeling like we are moving at least 7X light speed now. Activation of the cosmic plan for us and our level 7 light body activation code for the highest good for all of us to be together again in heaven. I have been blessed to have Master Jesus as my teacher. -Avatar Blessings to All!!! Thank you for allowing me to be of service.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤♥️💖💗💞💟🔥🔥✨💫🤟🙏🙏🙏

  2. Thanks You Paul ANOINTED ONE 👑
    All is lovely and Truth
    MIRACLES beautiful blessings messages 💌🙏
    144 friends teams
    GLORY be ELOHIM 👑🙏💌👼 💝💗💌😍😘💞💕
    Healings all kinds GRACE &goodness
    Jesus be with you all

    Beautiful much love GRACE
    Messages to all who have 👂 ears to hears👂 let them hears AWAKENING MANY 👼😘🆕
    Miracles 🙏 🙏 🎁📖😘🌱 White dog miracles season 🙏
    BLESSINGS all ELOHIM days 🏆📖🏡🏆🍯🎁🌞

  4. Oh my goodness I've seen her dreaming this !! A Swiss German Shepard. I've seen her and I gave her a name. Thank you, I love you Namaste xxx

  5. I just turned 61. I was watching the rain on the back of my yard and I was guided to stand in the rain as I used to do it when I was a little kid. I got soak! 😁It was fun.

  6. Wayshowers I'm in the hospital. Hopevto bevdischar by ed tomorrow. I arrived in 1942. I have had multiple missions. Late last week I kept hearing a sound like a party line with a hundred people speaking at once. It was about the same amplitude as my tinnitus and I could not discriminate any single voice. I covered my ears tightly. There was a massive roar that sounded like a huge rainstorm. It sounded particulate but almost like digital information. Oddly it was louder than the tinnitus or the party line but was not perceptible without covering my ears. It clearly was entirely within my brain. No one else around the hospital or in touch with me could duplicate this phenomenon. This episode lasted hours. Then it went away. I can only surmise it was targeted by resonance at a small group or just for me. It seemed to coincide with a massive spike in the Schumann Resonance. I have been in bliss for weeks and go out in the back yard in full sun at 30 degrees N latitude. Think Austin TX. I've always had very white burnable skin. Now it is turning a reddish brown and does not burn. The radiation seems to bypass my skin and get absorbed into some kind of virtual reservoir. Oh yes it has built up and I can feel it. This hospital, a big one, has an atrium enclosed by the walls. Three times a day I go out there to 'feed' on the rays from Sol and Alcyon. It is impossible to stay away. My skin looks like an American Indian now although I'm 75% Irish. How strange and wonnderful. The biggest thing is the amount of love I'm picking up here. A whole new balkgame. I know I'm broadcasting Creator love like mad but these folks are intrinsically full of it. Glorious!

  7. Greetings Brothers
    through loves💘 💖💗💟all beautiful in all things ?
    💖💞💕💓💗💟🗻😘👼🎁💌🌹📖🌞🌌🌱🌴🌾 love of GLORY ELOHIM
    SWEET as 🏆🍯😘💖📖
    I do believe that 🙏🌞👼😘
    THANK YOU beautiful messages Blessings to many many always 🙏 🙏 🙏


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