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“Improving the lives of all earthlings by teaching people how to go vegan for life!” ~ Shawnte’

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New Vegan YouTube Channel | Black Vegan, is a brief introduction to my vegan YouTube channel. I was thinking about how it was for me, when i first when vegan. I would search for vegan YouTube who I could relate to. I found a few who i fell in love with. They know who they are. lol I thought I would upload this video to help anyone like me who is looking for other black vegan women to follow on this vegan journey. On Natural Vegan Mama you will find vegan recipes, vegan taste test, vegan restaurant reviews, vegan hauls, and lots of tips and support. I upload vegan videos every Sunday. If you have any questions feel free to send me a private message on Instagram or Twitter. You can also reach me at I’m preparing a website launch very soon! It will have lots of support for you on this amazing vegan journey. I love you. Be well!


You can find me on:
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and here on youtube: natural vegan mama

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  1. Love all the videos, been watching for a couple of months. I've almost cut out all meat except chicken and fish. Brothers love their chicken…lol. Started drinking tea instead of soda. I can really feel the difference. Keep up the good work (and your beautiful glow) I will be watching and cheering your effort. Thanks for sharing your journey!   RH


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