Dr Umar Johnson Live Announcements (7/7/19)

DrUmarJohnson.Com, Psy.D., CSP, M.Ed., DrUmarJohnson.Com, 844-4DR-UMAR, Certified School Psychologist, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, FDMG ACADEMY PO BOX 9634 WILMINGTON DE 19809, cash.me/$fdmgschool
Ifatunde SiriusTickets.Com, DrUmarJohnson.EventBee.Com, 844-4DR-UMAR, DrUmarJohnson@Yahoo.Com #DrUmar #MostRequestedScholar #unapologeticallyAfrikan #NotoriousRBG #princeofpanafrikanism #kingkongconsciousness #garveyism #panafrikanism #heavenonearth #psychoacademicholocaust #thenewmarcusgarvey #InternationalIfatunde #FDMG #BlackGodUniversity #AlphaMaleAcademy #8.21.20 #DrJermaineShoemake #IfatundeUniversity #DrP.O.P.A #RealMonger #NIBPA #BlackParentsUnited #DrUmarSyracuseNY #DrUmarCleveland #DrUmarBrazil #DrUmarGhana #BlackPower


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Comment (25)

  1. Ok so donate to build
    Donate to renovate
    Donate to maintain
    ALL THIS NIGGA DOES IS BEG AND SPIT BULLSHIT!!……..this video he said nothing but announce shit loud……..fucking fraud!!

  2. King kong can call in the National Guard that will not be enough man power to clean up the bomb shelter of a school he is never going to open . Kong needs to call upon the ancestor's to summon up a vaccume cleaner to help him clean up his nasty apartment as well . Kong is going to need two more lifetimes to get it all done . Its all a scam and kong knows it !

  3. dr umar can u please enable the comment section on ur last video wc u did with the lady who yells like being fucked ? i will donate 100 dollar if u do so.
    i repeat…5x

  4. Where is your office and your desk? You remind me of those dudes selling books from door to door; asking for a $1 donation if you don't buy shit.

  5. For the remnant of the people who are still sitting on the fence or the wrong side of it: DO NOT DONATE, DONATE, DONATE, DONATE, DONATE… DO-NOT-DO-IT! There are plenty of genuine organisations to donate your hard earned money to. Wow, this is pure nonsense!!!!!

  6. It's caught up to you dude! You need to pull a El go away o! Because them folks gonna get them over due payments. Got these great ancestors rolling in there graves.

  7. The fact that he’s been able to do this for as long as he has shows how broken and gullible we are as a people. He’s given you nothing but words and promises with no proof or transparency and people will still fight to the death for him smh. It’s the same hustle we’ve seen before. It’s just cloaked and packaged in black consciousness. The CONscious community.


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