Freddy de MajungağŸŽ¸:Soukouss-Zouk Express Mixtape!!! (1980's-2010's)

Famous Madagascan guitarist of world renown, Freddy of Majunga is considered as one of the best African soukouss guitarists. The success of this style in the 80’s and 90’s has given him wings. With Aurlus Mabélé in the Loketo group, Diblo Dibala in Matchatcha, or in the Top Sokouss and Soukouss Express groups, he is famous and is still considered one of the emblematic figures of this style. Even if he is ranked among the ten best African guitarists overseas by Beat Magazine or by RFI thanks to his third album. It should not be forgotten that Freddy from Majunga is a self-taught guitarist. After having lived in Paris for a while, then a time in Reunion, he is today the man who was worth three billion is now installed in Madagascar

In the first part, the group phenomenon of the year 2015, Afro Style, the popular creators of “Aboudou” and “Fatima”. These two young people from Kafé and Bo Ko won the public’s recognition and are about to fulfill their musical dream by perseverance and hard work … he’s called Aboudou, Aboudou …
Long live the soukouss in the ocean sauce Indian, the soukouss of real fans! Plesir! #Afrika #Zouk #Black #Soukouss #Sebene


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  1. Ayiii Plus de 3 heures de gâtement non stop tu vas nous dja forcé , Good Job dear brother Shaddy Raddy922!!!…Les performances de ce guitariste hors norme ont bercé toutes mon adolescence…Les sonorités sont si douces comme moi quoi…!!! Great ovation at Freddy de Majunga!!

  2. Tracklist:
    Dicktam: N'hom Ce N'hom (1987)
    Master Mwana Congo et Freddy de Majunga: Yatshula Crapaud (1987)
    Passi Jo: Kayifi (1988)
    Tchico Tchicaya: Ambiance A Paris (1988)
    Tchico Tchicaya: Tam Tam Bantous (1988)
    Nzaya Nzayadio: Moziki Emata (1988)
    Dianga Chopin: Douleur A'mour (1988)
    Aurlus Mabele & Loketo: Khady Diagne (1989)
    Aurlus Mabele & Loketo: Gloria Eternel (1989)
    Aurlus Mabele & Loketo: Rosine (1989)
    Freddy de Majunga: Soude Madiaba (1989)
    Freddy de Majunga: Soukouss Magic (1989)
    Freddy de Majunga: Bana Mayi (1989)
    Gilda Rey: Son pou moral (1989)
    Freddy de Majunga: Soukouss Bizness (1990)
    Dicktam: Vini Pou Domine (1989)
    Tchico Tchicaya: Cocktail Tropical (1989)
    Fede Lawu & Matchatcha: Toulouboube (1992)
    Fede Lawu & Matchatcha: Mbuta Nzau (1992)
    Fede Lawu & Matchatcha: Coeur En Or (1992)
    Freddy de Majunga: Autoroute (1991)
    Freddy de Majunga: Phone Ngai (1991)
    Freddy de Majunga: Nul N'est Parfait (1991)
    Fede Lawu: Degat Material (1991)
    Freddy de Majunga: Carton Rouge (1992)
    Freddy de Majunga: Stop (1992)
    Freddy de Majunga: Voyage De Noce (1992)
    Master Mwana Congo: La Jeunesse (1990)
    Freddy de Majunga & Tsinjaka: Tsara Ny Moda (1992)
    Freddy de Majunga & Tsinjaka: Tsao Ho Tara (1992)
    Freddy de Majunga & Tsinjaka: Vadiano Koa Vamba (1992)
    Freddy de Majunga & Tsinjaka: Tabiano Ratsy (1992)
    Soule Ngofo Man & Top Soukouss: Femme (1993)
    Soule Ngofo Man & Top Soukouss: Ewa Ewa (1993)
    Soule Ngofo Man & Top Soukouss: Mikili (1993)
    Soukouss Express: Zot le En Pointe (1994)
    Soukouss Express: Cafrine (1994)
    Soukouss Express: Femme de I'le (1994)
    Kin Stars: Soukouss Night (1995)
    Kin Stars: Choisis (1995)
    Kin Stars: Fleur d'amour (1995)
    Kin Stars: Viana (1995)
    Soukouss Express: Carry Soukous (1994)
    Shimita El Diego: Mystic (1996)
    Shimita El Diego: Qui Vivra Verra (1996)
    Soukouss Express: Kote Moin (1997)
    Soukouss Express: Ambiance Night (1997)
    Soukouss Express: Bon Appetit (1997)
    Freddy de Majunga: Kromatik (2002)
    Freddy de Majunga: Dansez Le Dombolo (2002)
    DJ Mourichidy: Fatsiky Lamoty (2007)
    Samy Jao: Rira Clo Herman Moumousse Robols (200?)
    Samy Jao: ? (2010)
    Afro Style: Aboudou (2015)
    Afro Style: Fatima (2015)
    Jean Louis Deny: Large Le Zamars (199?)
    Soley: Special Soukouss (2002)
    Soukouss Express: Elle check tout (2016)


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