Dr.Umar Speaks…..
Dr.Umar Returns to Orlando(FL): Saturday August 31st@4pm, “Special Education & ADHD Abuse in Black Children” First Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church
700 Elm Ave in Sanford, drumarorlando@gmail.com, 407-588-6163, http://DrUmarJohnson.Com , 844-4DR-UMAR, all children & Elders Free
Senegal 8.10
NatTurnerLand(VA) 8.21
Linden(NJ) 8.24
Jacksonville(FL) 8.30
Orlando(FL) 8.31
Nashville(TN) 9.7
Bridgeport(CT) 9.14
Zambia 9.25-27
Brussels 9.28
Memphis(TN) 10.5
Columbia(SA) 10.19
Tulsa(OK) 11.2

60millionviews ,DR. UMAR JOHNSON, 2015 ,2016, 2018, 2019, 2017 ,2013, 2014, 2010,

YOUTUBE.COM/6000000000views view-source:https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=dr+umar+johnson


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