Dr.Umar Returns to Jacksonville(FL): Friday Aug 30th@6pm(doors@4pm), “Understanding the Special Education & ADHD Hustle” Regency Square Mall, Event Planning Center, 9501 Arlington Expressway, Suite#250, 32225, DrUmarJacksonville@Gmail.Com, 904-293-4559, http://DrUmarJohnson.Com

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  1. Negro removal program indeed , its funny before technology advancements they needed black people to get a lot of their tasks done now that they're so reliant on technology they don't need blacks to work certain jobs that they once felt beneath them and the jobs we really want its hard for us to get because they gate keep most of them Dr Umar is speaking facts and then some #Awoke

  2. He right about we gotta start funding our politicians, but I don't understand how come our pro black black people don't come together they may have different opinions but a the end of the day isn't they fight for the same cause…. By now these niggas talking with no action

  3. I disagree with Dr. Umar on '1' thing…..blackFolk did build themselves up w/o the boots & the straps but each time it was always taken through terrorism, murders and fear & the gov't did NOTHING to protect us blackFolk from the WS terrorism….
    Due to that….I believe our baby boomers (fathers & mothers) became so spooked & quit fighting & didn't teach my generation to fight & now we all "Look for a job" instead of starting a job for ourselves & our people.


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