Dr.Umar in Drewryville(VA): Weds August 21st@5pm(10am-10pm), “Nat Turner QuadriCentennial 400-Year Libation(5pm) & Town Hall Meeting(7pm)” Nat Turner Library, 26070 Barhams Hill Road, http://NatTurnerLibrary.Com , 434-378-2140, NatTurnerLibrary@Yahoo.Com

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  1. It’s cool to let all sides speak on some things it let us know what and who we are dealing with far as our lost soul brother n sister sometimes we can bring them back most we can’t the world 🌎 is so dark with these evil people our focus must be only on our future black warriors please stand 🙌🏿

  2. He destroyed Umar for simping ! Black Women should be ashamed of themselves for the shit they pull. Makes me sick I can’t blame black men for dating Becky

  3. Let me break it down for the people that don't quite understand the difference good white people are not Superior to black people naturally from birth and they know that. So they created a system to put yourself in a position that they currently hold around the world, and the only way for them to maintain that status other groups will continue on experiencing the treatment the racism the Discrimination that they currently experience indefinitely. That's why Barack Obama was a decent president because he was a fair present black people in their natural state can rule the world and treat everybody fair at the same time. It's like this the fastest runner on the planet more than likely is a black person he doesn't have to cheat he can give people Head Start he can be fair and still come out on top oh, that's how it would be if black people ruled the world.

  4. I don't have to fear white folks, when brothers in the hood are a bigger threat to me and my family. No white people mean mug me and try and size me up as I make moves. I don't have to watch my back for white folks when I'm at the ATM or at the concerts or in the mall. We as blacks need to clean up our own backyard. Stop selling the white supremacy boogeyman story as if it's our biggest problem. Our biggest challenge is to STOP KILLING EACH OTHER.

  5. Nigga Rbr is a cooking nuts all over the place I thought he was going to start talkin about flat Earth next… all speculation he spoke of no. facts no historical events that can relate to the the African diaspora …couldn't name the African country tribe wherever that committed genocide like the white Europeans the Asians whom ever… I looked a brother up he barely has a has a show it's more like people waiting in doctor's office umar don't go to that show you need you a billion times more than you need him

  6. I thy GOD!
    I made you into tribes, nations and families so that you may know each other, but not to despise each other (black People).The greatest victory of white peoples was the awakening against the myths of tribes aka tribalism which made them set cultural tribal differences aside and became one ☝️ as Europeans with one common interest power to control & gain resources, economic, politics, military global domination. (The Berlin conference) the partition of Africa.


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