Dr.Umar Returns to Jacksonville(FL): Friday Aug 30th@6pm(doors@4pm), “Psycho-Academic Exploitation: Understanding the Special Education & ADHD Hustle” Regency Square Mall, Event Planning Center, 9501 Arlington Expressway, Suite#250, 32225, DrUmarJacksonville@Gmail.Com, 904-293-4559, DrUmarJohnson.Com, 844-4DR-UMAR, all children & Elders Free

Dr.Umar Returns to Orlando(FL): Saturday August 31st@4pm, “Black 2 School Parent BootKamp: Understanding & Preventing Special Education & ADHD Abuse in Black Children” First Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church
700 Elm Ave in Sanford 32771, drumarorlando@gmail.com, 407-588-6163, DrUmarJohnson.Com, 844-4DR-UMAR, all children & Elders Free

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Comment (26)

  1. All dis ados shyt do yall really think da govt will give us reparations like seriously 🤔 gay ppl got reparations b4 us lets b real n not delusional if we dont pool our money together n unify den we will have nuffin govt aint givin us reparations sooner yall realize it da better 💯

  2. Everybody knows Fidel showed favoritism to lighter complexion Cubans over the darker ones. Of course colorism is present in the Caribbean island nations.

  3. If Africa gave ADOS citizenship and allowed ADOS to run for elected office ADOS would change the world. With the experience ADOS has with white supremacy a ADOS would change Africa over nite. But white supremacy will not allow that to happen because Africans has a much different experience with white supremacy. But with the internet the truth about white supremacy here in America is being viewed across the world which educated the Africans about the truth about white supremacy and racism and most importantly white people. Maybe in the future this dream of the unified black man but not in the near future.

  4. Dr Johnson will not up lift anything or organization above himself. He feels he’s the only one that can lead. I want to make it clear I support Dr Umar and hope he’s sussesful.

  5. Listen to this man debating with Dr Umar they will never be a unifying of different country’s. Dr Umar and this guy can’t even agree on the history come on Pam Africans will fail.

  6. Trying to fight white supremacy in Africa is much different. In African the white man is seen as gods, white people go to Africa with giving of gifts missionaries type. But they under the cloud of darkness poisoning the people in Africa. Here in America white supremacy shows its evil head with violence and true hate. Two different white people with the same agenda evil. I am not saying I hate Black African I don’t. I am saying white supremacy is very powerful and it will be impossible to fight them with ADOS and African experiences two different white supremacy.

  7. Some one please explain to me how in the hell can a black man fight against white supremacy on two different diasporas. Pam African is not going anywhere, it’s a failure movement, 1. Africa is not interested in untitling with the ADOS here in America. 2. African people the educated and the wealthy Africans think just like white people. 3. African do not understand white supremacy and racism as to the white man. I love and agree with Dr. Umar on a lot but not with the united of Africa. How in the hell can you fight for reparations on two different diaspora. If we ADOS here in America get reparations that will then open the door for others to get reparations. Dr. Umar whom I respect, but I believe he’s only thinking of himself as the one and only leader for the black people. He will fail and once he dose I hope he come home to ADOS because he would be a great asset to the movement. But unfortunate his head is too hard once he fail on that Pam Africa movement I feel he will then become a enemy to the ADOS movement.

  8. The school was suppose to open years ago, now he is saying next summer 2020. Super CON artist. Umar go see a Psychiatrist because you are grandiose and delusional. Please respond.

  9. Who is this foolish caller or panel trying to argue with the Prince?? What Dr Umar is say is the absolutely truth, so who is this guy arguing about Fidel Castro situation. Fidel Castro was racist of course.

  10. Sorry Dr. Umar….I LOVE u&I support U but U are wrong&U do not know what U are talking about😖
    It doesn't make sense to unite all blackFolk reparations because the Institution of Slavery was different&under different control for each group of blackFolk😒
    Slavery here in 'Make This America Great Again' is different than the Carribean Slavery…our ancestors built this America w/their FREE labor, our ancestors were stripped of their African culture, names&spirituality which included rape&the taken of our children&much brutality + our ancestors went through Slavery again via JimCrow which included brutality, terrorism, rape&the taken of children&lands (redlining)….so the reparations we ADOS folk are fighting/demanding involves "lineage" from this corrupt American gov't that allowed the injustices our ancestors endured & we are still enduring!!
    The Carribean people must fight/demand their own reparations& what they went through on the specific island they were enslaved on & enslaved by!!
    Pan-Africanism is a 2-way street but I will say this….since our ancestors were sold into this Institution of Slavery by Africans&Arabs then we all deserve reparations from them too 😒


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