Dubai Towers-Babylon Towers: Tony Blair and George Bush Destroyed Your

Tony Blair and George Bush destroyed western civilization by invading Iraq. These two cowboys altered the dynamics of the Universe by initiating a polar mental shift that impacted the Sirius Star B. Although these two were at the helm of this sinking ship, many more had come ahead of them who knew no better but to continue the human mental shift from center. The critical mass has arrived, and the tilt will be for the worse. As they say, “The genie is now out of the bottle!” Let’s prepare for the worst. Thirty years will be here soon, and the sign will be the collapse of the Dubai Towers. As soon as that happens, say your last prayers, eat your last supper and kiss your children goodbye. They might survive, but you won’t.


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  1. Dohgon, thanks for your humble and kind words. It was your energy that bought me here however, and I wish to learn as much as possible from your insight. Your awareness expands into the cosmos, and it something I really admire.

    Whom is Dr Todd?

    Hotep I am sure is what you say, right?

    I am too reading The Holy Tablets and every line I read is so energised, very amazing stuff.

    I believe that this hell they have created will crumble soon, I really believe utopia is coming, I cant wait 🙂

  2. bleepbleep1234, you may not know it now. You have great POWERS. This is why you came to The Dohgon. I tell you now, your POWERS will soon emerge. Please maintain communications with Professor Todd.

  3. This is real knowledge, I have always felt that we are in many ways the universe itself, but this breaks it down in a divine way.

    Maybe then 2012 is a prediction that is going to happen, not that I am worried, it is all part of Gods plan.

    Thanks for the video

  4. Well appreciated TheSpookWhoSits.
    Before, we used to hear them say, "Silence is golden!" You know why they said that rubbish. Now, we say, "SAYING AND DOING IS DIAMOND-GOLD!"

  5. eyewitness043, I assure you that you and a few of us will live through the DARKNESS. We will appreciate how much more beauty there is in DARKNESS! When we eventually emerge, Our SSTRS will become the new 3 PRIESTESSES. They'll introduce a whole new MA'AThematics and science. We will become the new IMHOTEPS. We will construct new and better towers. We will create new and better forms of medicine. We will create the new heaven on Earth.


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