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DR UMAR JOHNSON International Vegan Festival day
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Certified School Psychologist, Motivational Speaker, Pan-Afrikanist, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, National Independent Black Parent Association 844-4DR-UMAR

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  1. This kind of mindset is virtually dam near all over the continent of Africa. I don't understand the leaders way of thinking.But this is a serious sickness that needs to be addressed .

  2. This is what Africans need, a Black Americans to come to Africa and awaken them from their slumber and not to sit on their butts in America to criticise. Many Black Americans do not want to come to Africa but have the nerve to use YOUtube to criticize and make money off Africa. Everything Dr Umar is saying is 100% correct. The black puppets and the massas servants are the ones who have no balls to come to the continent.

  3. "Africans I'm sad to say, are the most naive and docile race on the planet!…..especially towards non black people! "Its one of our biggest problems!. " Why would they do business with a culture that has no respect for them!. They can't even punish them if they decide not to honor whatever agreements they decide upon?!.

  4. Weak Africans πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ What is wrong with Africa? And they still wont do anything. Corrupt leaders serving white supremacy and deceiving the people. The people have to be unafraid of death and move with power and righteous direction. Expel the Chinese & the whites from your land. The rest of the world depends on you!

  5. @African Union, Β  Sadely, many black people in North America are conflicted and mentally deranged from helping this man do what is necessary for African people in the United States . This is not just a problem in American, but this is a diaspora problem. Meaning, we as black people of the earth are conflicted with a reprobate mindset to Not help each other as a African people. Regardless of where we are geographically. On the African Continent, or the descendants of African Slaves now in the 21st century. Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson has the Campus. Just needs some financial assistance to get the campus up and running. This School is for all of us African Union. It is time for African people throughout the diaspora to work together. Black people that serve the enemy that is implementing the extermination of black people off the earth, are also eneimes. And these enemies that look like you and me, are contributing to our demise regardless of Geographical location African Union. Our survival as a race, depends on our willingness to come together or not. Dr Umar Abdullah Johnson is a good man, that loves our people throughout the diaspora. And black men like him are needed for our people throughout the earth. Peace and love and unity. But I am talking to imposter. You are not the real African Union. You piece of shit

  6. The neo-colonialism apparatus must be destroyed, because that has been the obstacle to development in Africa. Foreign entities presently dominate the African continent. Only an All-African Union Government can set a defacto Independence for Africans at home, and in the diaspora.

  7. Im an African. Dr Omar is making it while every African there is dumb, quite, unconcerned, not expressing the touch of Dr Omar speech pleading them to understand, even those who applaud they do it in doubt. I know you my people. Africa may not change if we have those leaders who don't know leadership nor have ever considered leadership. My suggestion is all the black intellectuals and elite should come together to institute secret strategic organisations in that all fields of knowledge, both the existing and the one to be discovered, are taught to upbring young African with very special mind than any youth on the planet. Once it is understood, no need to shout, so we are strategic.

  8. Dr. Umar Johnson needs the attention and support of all Africans-Blackman.
    Gambian children should be building Gambia, same as
    Africans should be building Africa .
    Africa for Africans at home and abroad.
    Africa must unite must be the Slogan;
    African unity must be the Symbol;
    #PanAfricanity must be the Socioeconomic and political #System .

  9. I appreciate everything you're doing but…brother, Mohammed was white, had black slaves and is quoted in the qu'ran calling Ethiopians "raisinheads". It's all in the qu'ran… Don't EVER use him as a black revolutionary. Do your research. Peace

  10. Julius Malema is on the right track & Umar needs to finish and keep to his school, it’s way to long and has to many people invested, shouting the odds in Africa solves nothing, this is a vegan fest, not a black power rally, Africa is clearly way behind and needs true liberation but it needs to be done by African example, let South Africa get it right and watch how fast those white puppets operating in African offices get tossed out of windows and follow suit. For foreign force should own a single natural resource on the continent very simple, once that is understood the remedy is simple.

  11. Umar, where is the school and cash promised for the last 10 years in the u.s. Now, taking $ from brother's & sister's on the continent. SHAMEFUL!!


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