Please Read! Urgent: Due to the threat of Hurricane Dorian, and the resulting travel challenges that it will create, we will have to reschedule both the Jacksonville & Orlando powerlectures..
Dr.Umar Speaks….. Orlando(FL) 8.31
Nashville(TN) 9.7
Bridgeport(CT) 9.14
Pontiac(MI) 9.18
Brussels 9.28
Memphis(TN) 10.5
Columbia(SA) 10.19
Tulsa(OK) 11.2
Oklahoma City(OK) 11.3
Greenville(SC) 11.8-9
New York(NY) 11.10
Brazil 11.20
Swaziland 12.6-9
Long Island(NY) 12.12
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  1. Dr. Umar is definitely a scholar, but all the problems he talks about when it comes to politics deal with the Democrat party. You think it's time for a change?

  2. How the hell is this con artist still able to continue to manipulate and scam our people? This fraud has drug convictions and trespassing charges and is a deadbeat father who is way behind on his court ordered child support. He has scammed over $1.5 million dollars out of the black community and has shown absolutely no transparency as to where the money is or how it was spent. Allegedly the fundraising campaign was for a school, called FDMG ACADEMY, however there IS NO FDMG ACADEMY and he doesn't own any facilities that could ever be considered for a functional school. This man is a con artist and a hotep hustler.

  3. Apparently, this woman knows nothing of the real truth of Umar the liar and scam artist, hopefully these facts should wake her up.

    1. Umar is not a doctor of psychology: Once and for all Umar has no credentials or evidence to prove he is a doctor and he admitted that when he went before the board last year.

    2. There is no Dr. Umar Johnson: This man's birth name is Jermain Shoemake, he gave himself the fake, pro-black name of Umar Johnson.

    3. He has lied about being an scholar or expert: There is no record of scholarly works as a doctor of psychology, no evidence he has worked with kids, no evidence he has worked as a Child Psychologist, period.

    Most of Umar's accomplishments come from his own mouth because he has no evidence to prove the claims he makes, such as being a doctor and having six degrees as he claimed.

    4. Was supposed to open a school this month: Since 2010 Umar is raising donations for the so called FDMG accademy that was originally supposed to open back in 2013.

    Since then Umar has made over 50 claims and raised over a million dollars with no school and him keeping the money.

    He promised to open the school august of last year, January of this year and August of this month.

    Umar has repeatedly lied while still asking for donations for a school that will never open.

    Umar or Jermain is not a doctor but a scam artist using his own race for profit.

    And I do not understand why blacks continue to support this charlatan.

  4. We just need people to do the ground work because everyone is going In defferent directions we need to stay on the same page, United we stand divided we fall. Like Malcolm X said over 50 years ago; only work with people that's genuinely designed to get results.


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