Meet Someone Like Neeko (League Of Legends) Subliminal 2019

Meet Someone Like Neeko (League Of Legends) Subliminal

Welcome to the Subliminally Multicultural Channel:

First off I need to address some ongoing questions I keep getting about the videos. I make my videos without spoken affirmations. So everyone who comes here asking about affirmations there you go.

What is a Subliminal? Below the threshold of sensation or consciousness; perceived by or affecting someone’s mind without them being aware of it. But in this case the person is aware of the subliminal.

Are all your subliminals positive? Yes, I have never and will never make a negative subliminal.

Why call it Multicultural? I live in America and I love everyone in the world.

About this video: I love league of legends and I love Neeko. I made this because I want to meet a woman who looks or acts like Neeko.

*Find People who act like Neeko
*Find People who look like Neeko
*Find people obsessed with Neeko

Thank you to ayyasap for the image.



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