Men…we are doomed if we dont fix this

Men, If we don’t grab our balls and put things back in order WE ARE SCREWED!!

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Comment (46)

  1. Listen fellas, I don't see ANY CHURCH figures talking about this. If this stuff is really going against GOD and the Bible, where are those priests and pastors now?! So, what's REALLY going on?

  2. Unfortunately for us the system is going to play out until it's done, and when it's done the native population will be replaced with the third world. They're having plenty of kids in traditional lifestyles.

  3. I have homie who live with his so call girlfriend. Havent had sex with her in a year. But took her out for her birthday. Big fuckinn simp. Told him she is cheating on him.

  4. Western society will collapse, when men check out its all over. We will be invaded either by civilians or military.

    Birth rates have plummeted and men are growing up feminized by single mothers.

    Maybe women will not abort some pregnancies. Some say the planet is dying, it’s the human race that will extinct itself.

  5. Careful with fear-mongering. Fear is of negative energy. Action in response to that fear is likely on weak foundations. If you're looking for an event or person to save you/humanity, look no further than within yourself. If most of y'all are reading this then you already know what you must do. Do not add more to the worries of the mind. Release it and act from within, not from without

  6. It is socially engineered. Just look at what happened to Blacks… In the 1950-60s Blacks had stable families, low crime rate, low alcoholism/druge abuse, etc. There is a plan for everybody to become sheeple, no matter the creed, race, social status (except the Luciferian elites that is,) education level, etc

  7. Slippery slope advising any man to try and figure out the bad ones from the good ones. And then hope the good one who you pick stays good for thirty plus years. The reality is the few good ones in western countries tend to be the ones who are not into social media and keeping up with modern trends, artists etc. But if something snaps and they decide to get on social media there’s no controlling what ideology the person will start following…

  8. My woman all left me..they said I'm doin you a favor…and I believe they did……I wouldn't mind having a partner who likes the same things and values it.

  9. I think he gives women too much credit. 2% of women are "solid". He's basically telling 80% of men to search the haystack for 2% of needles. Not going to happen. Simply stop searching period. An occasional slur chameleon will entertain you and disappear in the same awkward manner that you met her, and you will continue your life after you enjoy a few laps with her. But to try to actively search for a "good" woman is a sore travail, and an excruciating disappointment.

    Don't even bother.

  10. I agree with you brother but all this got to take place because the most high told all of us what would happen before time and the main thing is we all are doing it so what I try to do is stay in prayer and have a relationship with GOD we all have a( choice) and us men have to do better 🙏

  11. Damn bro i couldn't agree with you enough you spot on about the balance of relationships this is a serious topic and you right we men are doomed in relationships with women that have no balance.👈👈💪

  12. I suggest any man stay away from anything liberal. The left is the reason why men have become emasculated with all this SJW, LGBT (alphabet mob) Feminism, Equality, Feelings and Emotions BS. Society has caged us men mentally and physically like caging a lion at the zoo who was once the king of the jungle.

  13. The Most High created Man to lead but nowadays they are so damn weak because of the pie!! I’m a real man and I’ll be damn if I let a woman use that pie to control me at the end of the day it’s a feeling a good one I might add but never the less it’s a feeling. Man needs to know their worth and value however most are just chasing them no good women. I see it all to often but it’s been like this since Adam and Eve if Adam had of listened to God we wouldn’t be in this situation.

  14. It started with weak men being in positions of power. These weak men handed all power to women just to win votes.
    Weak men creates weak society that ALWAYS self destroy.

    Women are not the problem, it's the weak men in politics, the simps running around on Instagram with proposal rings and the manginas that listen to Boyz II Men type of songs. Fix these men and women will take notice.

  15. Immortal mind. Today is my birthday and I just turned 24. My whole life I have always been ostracised and alone even abandoned by my mother. I haven't received any birthday presents or praises since I was 12. I have no friends and no family that cares the same way I do towards them. I'm learning that I become angry on my birthday towards life in general because I fear I will be alone forever. How do you cope with the feeling of loneliness? I go to restaurants, movie theaters, travel, etc alone but I would like some company. I'm very sociable, but I vibrate on a much higher level than most; It's on par with your mindset… it's lonely being at the top

  16. Death is starting to look better and better.

    Hey soul what were these guy doing or how successful do you have to be? I need a frame of reference. What type of guy are they. Because honestly thinking and looking at myself……nevermind lmfao

  17. Truly….the only way for a man to live a good life in this new society is to never marry!! The old ways are gone per feminism plain and simple. Men: make money and save money, enjoy life and freedom!!! Timmy C the forever bachelor.


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