Canaanland Moors Moorish Consciousness Expanding with Researcher Michelle Gibson


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  1. Islam! Thanks and honors given honourable and Noble Moor's bro. Yusuf muthadi El and Honorable bro. G.s Kudjo and Canaanland moors for this first great conversation with the humble moslem 'albion ' '/European ' 'Daughter ' , reasercher – Michelle Gibson . Well, I enjoyed watching and listening to
    Canaanland Moors Moorish Consciousness Expanding with Researcher Michelle Gibson, so what a such Great and excellent ora of vital information and how this all lines up so precisely and properly with what prophet Noble Drew Ali said about he gonna make them 'modern ' europeans tell the Truth , and so now you clearly can see and know for sure how it all started to connecting the dots now these critical and crucial 'times' and great and awful days during the cycle of Aquarian Age . This is greatly appreciative . Islam to All Moors kindred worldwide.
    Islam to All! Love. Truth. Peace. Freedom and Justice. Peace and love for everMoor!

  2. The new Madrid earthquake in 1811 caused worldwide destruction and devastation and after that time the story of reconstruction was instituted by the Jesuit order as well as others in order to literally rewrite our true history


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