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  1. Your a got dam liar and a thief.
    Anybody trust you with they chirren must be out there dam mind. I hope the feds come for you. You ain't even taking care yo chirren. You are default in your child support. Cashapp and Gofund shut your accounts down. And you still scamming

  2. Bill Cosby was brought down from messing with a white women? Interesting? Sounds like the pure definition of a colorism crybaby. Mr. Cosby's downfall was due to the failure, and inability of unification or sacrifice of a dysfunctional race of people that he tried to promote with better images on television. Smdh

  3. Y’all just let Umar say any damn thing with no recourse and y’all eat it up because he has the cadence of an entitled 5 year old.

    The Rockefellers DID NOT found Soelman College. Spelman existed 4 years before they received a DONATION (the same kind Umar sits around begging for all day everyday) 4 years after it was founded by two black people- Sophia Packard and Harriet Giles. #factsssssss

    And he can’t say there is an issue with them receiving a donation because he was just out there salivating at a white man’s grave because the man helped Harriet Tubman. In his words “back then, black people had to receive help from white folks because we were at a disadvantage due to slavery” do WTF is he talking about?

  4. Am conscious because of u am proud to call my self African bt not proud to call my self South African bcuz of the behavior of our brothers n sisters here in Gauteng bt proud to call my self Azanian soon to b n replace SA name cuz is a direction ur the man told my friend in April that how can u rape a person 30 years ago then now xe came forward mmmm its means something is fishy now I agree n take my head out for u DR UJ

  5. MY God this Guy Dr. Umar Johnson is the freaking truth… This man need to drop the freaking mic man. And hes fucking right. Im sorry for the bad word
    I had to drop the F bomb

  6. I Remember that day you came on the Roland Martin show, Dr. Umar Johnson. I could see Roland Martin didn't like you. Neither did his panel. But Dr. Johnson you kicked all three of there asses. Love you Dr. Umar Johnson, PRINCE OF PAN-AFRICAN.

  7. Umar Johnson, please share your opinion on coke addicts who rob poor Black people out of 1 Million Dollars with a decade long school scam, uses said 1 Million Dollars to finance sex with prostitutes while snorting coke in struggle motels, uses said 1 Million Dollars to travel all over the world but refuses to pay child support for his children, and has 2 abandoned vacated and condemned buildings he’s perpetrating as the Fictitious FDMG Academy? Please Mr. Umar, spread some real truth with the people.

  8. This all black everything negro went to white universities (not one HBCU in the list of schools he claimed to have graduated from) and now he is clowning black PhDs (with verifiable licenses and certifications) who WORK at white universities? How does that work?

    And nigga, you ain’t the reason Roland’s show got cancelled. You got mad because Roland challenges you on your bullshit. Your “following” ain’t that strong. Most of us are laughing at you, not with you.

    Where is the data that confirms your claims that your breakfast club interviews are the most popular and “most viral” of the show? Who said that? What data supports that?

    The narcissism of this fool is off the charts and substantiated by NOTHING. He said he wouldn’t sacrifice anything for a paycheck. Yeah. We know. Including an honest day’s work.

  9. Roland was canceled because his time was up. His tap dancing is no longer needed. Had nothing to do with the backlash from your interview. He was likely instructed to do that.

  10. I could not stand RM when he was on MSM. When they gave him his negro wake up he started talking and behaving in the manner an American African man should and I took a hesitant liking to him. A few years later, he attacks Dr. UJ over an undebatable fact (my opinion. feel free to keep yours) and RM showed himself the venomous, sugary snake he truly is. Its performance was despicable and embarrassing. Dr. UJ was stunned yet held his composure and allowed the demon to shed its skin for ALL to see. That was the LAST time I checked for RM. If he caught fire in my presence, I'm making s'mores.


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