Can You Trust Kurzgesagt Videos?

Can you trust our videos? How do we research them nowadays? And what about our older videos?

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  1. Do you want to talk with us about this video? We’ll do a sort of Q&A or AMA or whatever in our subreddit:

    The Addiction and the Refugee videos will be online for 12 more hours before we delete them. This should be enough time for enough people to download them. Feel free to upload them elsewhere, but NOT on Youtube and NOT on Facebook. We’ll take them down on those two platforms because we don’t want people to monetize them or use them as viral content. Everywhere else is ok though!

  2. My personal belief is to not trust anyone, only base opinion on presented fact that can withstand extreme criticism, then it might be true.
    So scientific method I guess. Lol

  3. Honesty and objectivity = logical intelligence. I personally often go with logic over emotions, even the I think I'm so logically too emotional. Keep up the good work, @Kurzgeasagt.

  4. There is no need of this video, as we already know how difficult it is to make such videos by collecting all necessary data and present them soo neatly and briefly and with such good animation.
    #💙💚 kurzgesagt❤🧡.

  5. Deport islamist filth, i don't care how nice they pretend to be, they plan America's death in their twilight hours, when they pray to their Muhammad.

  6. Your addiction and refugee videos were dead on, except for the fact that they are rape-u-gees.
    How's the multiculturalism going, Germany?


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