The Decline of Black Mirror

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No, I’m not talking about my reflection.


In this video, I talk about the Netflix program Black Mirror, its rise through the years and its steady decline which I briefly discuss the reasons why. I also review and provide a retrospective to every episode in Season 5 in this video so enjoy this half-hour treat. This is the second film and television review I’ve done on this channel and I want to see what people think of it, because I’m not really the best at that type of content and want to litmus test what you guys think of it Enjoy anyway!

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  1. Hot take: Shut Up and Dance was the worst episode of series 3. White Bear covered the exact same ground, only did it much better.

  2. SJ actually is the first nail in the coffin of BM. If it had been an episode of the first two seasons, would've shown the characters inevitably ending up at The Quagmire. Or perhaps the protagonist Yorkie taking her obsession too far, finding a way to trap Kelly forever. But the writers chose their investment in the characters over the thematic integrity of the anthology series. They also clearly got bored with attempting to come up with new ideas and began repeating themes.
    The museum episode of the next season was the final nail in the coffin that the entire season 4 built. It not only repeated themes but took what were disparate realities and tied them into some shared black mirror universe and then gave that universe a Quest Villain and a Quest Hero.
    Bandersnatch may have not been as successful but it was at least true to the themes of the initial run. But alas, it was also the show's last gasp of creative output in mining existential dread.

  3. There are some interesting thoughts in your video and usually I would subscribe to your channel now. But I fear if I watch more of your stuff, I'm getting infected with ADHD. 😉
    However, I wanna thank you for helping me not wasting time on the recent season of Black Mirror. Thought about watching it since it came out… But as they say: I had a bad feeling about this. And now I'm happy, I didn't even try.
    Greetings from Germany!

  4. It actually wasn't that bad. I enjoyed the 5th season. Alot. It's not amazing but it is entertaining and fun to watch. I liked call it bad doesn't make sense. Okay bye

  5. Hasn't black mirror always been a critique of technology, not just the later episodes? You also really missed the mark with the meaning of the smithereens episode and failed to mention the other half of the compromise in striking vipers.

  6. Iv been with nordVPN for over a year now. Netflix and most streaming services has every single one of their IP addresses blocked and they tell you to turn off your vpn befor it lets you watch netflix. Hopfully they release new servers soon

  7. There's literally a Russian movie where 2 guys get a hologram device making them look like real girls. 1 of the dudes in the hologram wants to dry hump his friend in the hologram but his friend is obviously like 'dumbass it's still me'

  8. I was kinda hoping the Ashley episode was going to be about using the Ashley 0 dolls to spy on people to steal music ideas and such. Or that in the end, Ashley would actually be dead, and the AI version of Ashley would get uploaded into the Virtual reality version.

  9. youtube's been shoving this down my throat, despite the fact that i've never watched even a single episode of black mirror

    kinda glad that they've been doing that cause this is quality content


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