DropDime Tv…. Black America’s #1 Most Requested Scholar-Orator Has Landed in Bridgeport(CT)!! The Prince of Pan-Afrikanism will be discussing FDMG Ghana & the upcoming Asebu Pan-Afrikan Village Project Seminar to be held at the Ghanaian Embassy next month…….


Dr.Umar Returns to Oklahoma City(OK): Sunday Nov 3rd@4pm(doors@2pm), “Understanding the Racist Special Education System: The Learning Disability Hoax” Event Center, 4502 Event Center, 4502 NE 23rd Street 73121, 539-302-8972, DrUmarJohnson.Com, 844-4DR-UMAR, DrUmarOklahomaCity@Gmail.Com, unapologeticallyafrikan.com

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  1. If you wanna hear some TRUTH, listen to Tariq Nasheed, The Black Authority and Professor Black Truth. Umar is a joke all on Gay-Z dick like that. And I used to fuck with dude hard me n my wife were naive enough to donate to this imaginary School on many different occasions

  2. "Big Poppa" hundreds of ppl are regurgitating your knowledge on Youtube..and none of them are paying you homage…The copycats
    2.Paris Milan
    4.Young Pharoah
    King konsciousness "Destination Detroit"

  3. This nigga hustler man living off lectures an donations man he getting that bread he’s getting paid like an entertainer he’s not getting hourly ain’t no hourly lecture payment he make hella bread off charging people 20 to hear him talk an he use blakc boys adhd to keep naive single black mothers emotional man he’s good if he ever started attacking the black female single mother rate he wound lose all his supporters that’s how I knows he’s a pimp he says blacks do nothing wrong an black females don’t chose what man they get pregnant by they just magically become single mothers

  4. All these cities……his "events" are about 12 DEEP……broke inscent and copper jewelry selling do nothing niggaz……..what happened to the big grand opening event??…….shit was dead…..NEVER TRUST A PHANTOM GOON CALLER!!!🤣😂😅

  5. Mental heath in the black community is real even smart people have it it's no joke and remember there is no date no more about the school opening this guy is deranged

  6. Jay-z is a sellout and a tool for fake white supremacy. Period. He may have done some good things but he does not care about Black people. He said some questionable things about Black people.

  7. Shawn Carter is an entertainer, mogul, entrepreneur and professional rapper. He's never claimed to be a black leader or a hotep scholar. Umar Johnson wants to be Jay Z so badly. He even mentions him in his rants. Jay Z isn't thinking about this clown. Umar Johnson is a fraud and a con artist. Jay Z is a billionaire businessman.

  8. I usually agree with Dr Umar, but this is straight BS. Just look with whom Jay Z hangs out and who is behind the organizations he gave the money to. Come on Dr. Umar, this time you failed.

  9. based on the comments black people(men and women) are more caught up into his looks than his content. his response to Jay Z was fair but lacked completeness b/c he did not comment on his questionable moves. nothing King Kong about that dodge.

  10. Hello, Dr. Umar when are you coming to Chattanooga, TN. my sister came to the conference you had in Nashville, TN. she showed me the picture she took with you. Keep speaking the truth brotha

  11. Jayz work in the community is minimal and his work with the nets is enough for me not to trust him as much good as he did what business fully black own did he create? None all he did was shyt for the camera no stores tidal and roc nation are white ran jay a puppet


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