Ep. 1098 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Geraldine Orozco : ET Hybrid Seeding : LIVE

In 2013, Geraldine Orozco experienced a vivid abduction from possible extraterrestrial beings through her bedroom window.

She was taken on board a ship and was introduced to her eight hybrid children. The next morning she encounters a hypersensitivity to the human electromagnetic field. This discovery initiates a journey to find the truth about what happened.

Geraldine has appeared on many radio programs and several conferences and recently is featured in the new feature film: Extraordinary: The Seeding which is set for worldwide release next week on Sept. 3rd.

Air date: August 26, 2019

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  1. I have heard many very believable abduction stories (e.g. have spoken with Travis Walton), but something doesn't seem right here. A number of times Jimmy politely tried to get verification, but she avoided answering by pure verbal diarrhoea. How did she know its was 25 floors underground? Rambled on for ages and never answered the question. Why are they doing it? Rambled on for ages and never answered the question. Also, she seemed to know not just what all the beings were actually doing on the craft, but also what happened on other levels, how? Most abductees have very little idea what is just being done to them. Sounded like an a-z smorgasbord of everyone elses accounts and theories on ufology. Seems she has the answer for every aspect of ufology? For someone who says she doesn't watch tv or radio/films, doing a quick search, she seems very keen to appear on everything she can, and post about it, which to me smacks of ego. Not spiritual. I work with people daily who try and cover their b.s. with a wall of words and hardly let anyone else get a word in to challenge them. Can smell it a mile away. Not spiritual. For all she said, there was nothing new said, nor anything verifiable. Looking at her numerous websites and links for bookings and talks, this seems more like a new business venture.

  2. There are too many strange things happening in the San Luis Valley, CO. We've been here for 15 years. There are several ladder accesses to the bases below. Most have steel pipes with doors & a solar panel for the tunnel lighting. How do you think the men in black with auto weapons pop up out of thin air?!

  3. I would wake up at 3:33 just about everyday… I still don’t understand what was going on with that… for many years, then it was 1:11… I’d wake up at that time and see it every where even a voice woke me up and said “ look at the clock, you know its 1:11”.. I believe this woman… good info

  4. I need to book an appointment because I have a story to add to the record and it would be good to know of others. do you know of a term used for a group of special girls called "White Doves" …does that mean anything to anyone? there is something to what you say that rings very real to my world and I need to explore this more fully. The memories of this type of activity are there in my DNA and they surface often but I haven't found anyone connected to this info like you seem to be, your knowledge is vast on this topic. I've attempted to ask for assistance on this subject matter before but have only found a lack of really understanding. I really need to get this out and look at just what is real about my memories and whats a lay over ~ i became a mom on my 13th bd to a Star Child …. she saved my life and I saved hers <3 …… these children are real and they are here <3 and this is bigger than many can comprehend ~ but open your mind and your heart and please just try to <3 because we need to know we are safe to talk about this topic now ~ the feeling you are being tracked and hunted is not a good one to harbor and finding safety is necessary….. but finding others who can hear your words and connect on a higher level is very crucial to our survival ~ i hope this leads me to others like myself…… i live in South Lake Tahoe <3

  5. I can so relate you you in so many ways Geraldine. I also have a book in which I sketch my memories of what has happened during the experiences. Pictures of the e.t's, craft details and the writings or diagrams from within. And the 3.33 time also resonates with me. Many times I've awoken to an experience at that time.


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