Why I Got Deported From Uganda?

Why I Got Deported From Uganda
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Comment (44)

  1. The most stupid immigration ever. You are not a Chinese but yet you travel to China. Those are the stupidest ever. Those they respect are the ones destroying Africa. Wake up guys and let's stand together in order to stop this.

  2. It is very emotional.
    Is why I always said we don't like each other in Africa. It very sad but
    We as your subscriber are very proud of you.
    Anyone who will hate what you are doing means he doesn't like his continent Africa.
    Proud to be Africain, proud to promote Africa💪💪💪💪

  3. thanks for the truth, African no nothing,Wen you try to tell them the truth,they said you are rude,come here in Europe you will see how the white are living their live.

  4. Maya, this discourages me. I dont feel at home in America and want to go to Africa but if Blacks in the motherland kiss white and chinese ass and wont treat us good, where can we go?

  5. What a shame from Uganda immigration, I am so shocked. I would love tho see that Law .. But why why Uganda why ,, my heart is bleeding. Why cant we love our own . Am so much grieved

  6. Brother Mr. Wodemaya, Thanks for the Love… Always keep your head to the sky young Brother, we all love what you’re doing!!! Much Love in return Brother…

  7. It’s apparent that some Africans are starting to show results of the European/Asian/Arabic colonization of the continent. I say this as a negative thing, welcome to the world of the African American. One, we can’t even get along with each other as a whole. Two, we’re even killing each other over dumb shit. Three, we’ve been brainwashed to think that the white man is our savior, in regards to everyday life and religion. Four, none of the above factors matter or doesn’t make it any easier to know that our more recent ancestors were forced, bred, tortured and eventually brainwashed to be slaves. Unfortunately my brother Mr. Wodemaya, if the African Diaspora don’t get their heads out of their own asses and come together as a people to help our Motherland, Africa is doomed. To be fully exploited by the Arabic Semites (Muslims and Jews), the Europeans, and the Asians if they are not doing that now… Leaving Africa a wasteland….

    We of the African Diaspora, along with our African Brothers and Sisters need to get our act together and unite. Perhaps in the future we could one day build our own version of USA. The United States of Africa, turning the Continent into a unified continental country. Now that would be awesome!!! One Nation, One People, One Continental Country!!!

    It’s only one opinion, one idea, mine… LOL!!! I apologize for being too serious…

  8. We have to understand (unfortunately) that many African states (not the people themselves, but the government and the institutionalized Afropeans who work in these places) are VERY suspicious and even envious of the blacks who want to freely travel and document Africa's greatness. They do not like anything that engenders different Africans from various places doing business with each other or exploring the continent for the greater good of the continent.

    Brotha Wode Maya, keep doing what you're doing, but take extra precautions to avoid particular problems in the future. It's not always easy getting our people to open their eyes…but what you're doing is necessary.

  9. Brother Maya what you are saying is so frustrating to an extent that the Africans in the Diaspora are not happy even to come home/Africa for their holidays. African Immigration‘s personell have to change their attitude or else they will check the wazungu/oyibo. You are doing what I have been struggling to do, bless up bro. Carry on.

  10. keep the good work bro have known Africa through such channels, at the same time in Kenya just avoid shooting videos at malls,banks,supermarket ,even we Kenyans are prohibited we know the pain of terrorism is just caution

  11. I admire and applaud what you're doing for the continent. Because of you I'm planning to visit a country next year. All I'm deciding now is which Jollof is better to try first! 🤣🤣. Seriously though, what happened to you was inexcusable. Someone tried to stroke their own ego instead of admitting a mistake was made. Now it's a poor reflection of the whole country. Keep showing the world the real Africa! Your reach is far…I'm all the way in Trinidad and Tobago. All the best to you!

  12. 100% Preach young man We are all waking up Blacks in the States and Blacks in Africia we are one We will become one The Wake up Is Real

  13. Self hate. We have the same self hate deep rooted issues here in the United States. Blacks just don't like blacks. We're jealous and envious with one another, crabs in a barrel. I'm from New York by the way it's the same here just packaged differently.

  14. They're full of jealousy cuz u doing great n travelling all over the world which they can't dream of.. I'm ur subscriber n i watched u everywhere u went to… Love u bro keep pushing hoping to meet you someday….

  15. The more I watch, the more I learn i wonder if the way we have always treated each other is the reason The Most High allowed his people to be dispersed in this way! Brother Maya we are coming back together to retell HIS'tory we are so hated all over the world there is no room left to hate each other! When we relearn this and RE MEMBER what will keep us together and give us the ability to stand again as a MIGHTY Nation is LOVE for ourselves, LOVE for one another….. not stopped watching your videos since my friend sent out Juliets 1st interview with you last week <

  16. Let me explain to you the simple theory Wode. Those half backed workers at the ugandan immigration are spoilt with bribes and corruption. They are always looking out for the slightest excuse to threaten you into bribing them, and when they realise you are not that bribing type, they cannot stop acusing you falsely because they have to prove a point that you were wrong and they never misunderstand. Then their shame and embarrassent evolve into anger.
    But sorry about what happenned.

  17. In a few months, I’m making a permanent move to Uganda, I’m a bit skeptical now. I planned to travel, contribute to the economy, and lay low, I def don’t want problems like this. I would love to link up with you while I’m there, brother. 💪🏾💪🏾


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