Chinese Hotels FORBIDS Foreigners

Are you traveling to China?Did you know Not All hotels in China Accept foreigners?


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  1. maybe for preventing cheapo sexpat
    china only accept high level professional foreigner
    china is not sex heaven
    china prefer to become global economy power manufacturing hub

  2. It's a history problem.China was so poor in years ago,we don't have enough good hotels.but chinese people are hospitable and proud of our history. the government want to show a better China to foreigners and give them the better things.that's why there is a law that third class above hotels have the right to accept foreigners.

  3. I really really love you videos since 2016. I watch your video of long time that and I will send you a nice message where I just watch and like your videos I live in the Italy

  4. Another good 'team video' Maya & Candice. Have you been to Dalian yet? Please do some team videos of Dalian, food ,girls, shops (victory plaza) etc.,and tell Candice to wear red ,Ha ha. I'm a white boy ,hope you and 🍬 are not racist.Ha Ha

  5. I understand they need a special certification in order to accept foreigners but not refunding the money is totally unfair I guess you have ask first before you pay

  6. Am never worried about them not accepting foreigners, But what abt the money WODEMAYA paid???? that is shit .You don't accept foreigners but you accept there Money Right???? that Law is fucking shit.

  7. Actually if you pay on App, you should ask refund from the App. Cause as long as you didn’t check in, the money is always locked up with the App, not the hotel… … You should check the App about the money refund!!!

  8. Where's my t-shirt Mr Wode maya? Lol. Hey I have an idea if it has not been done yet. Have everyone who have a Wode maya t-shirt make a short video of them wearing it and put all the videos together for everyone to see. How about that!😎

  9. I'm glad it never happens in Hong Kong, I would be one angry black man! Especially if I didn't get my money back! However I did hear about such laws in other parts of China and you just personally confirmed it. But I will remember that when I come across the border to visit.🙄

  10. It's just a law that allows the hotel to take your money but not to give you service. Legalised racist theft. Day light robbery. That's the definition of discrimination. And if it is discrimination against a different race that is racism.
    If the law says you can do it doesn't make it right. Just show how ignorent of your own racist laws,
    Question would the Chinese like the same treatment when they visit other countries.

  11. Yeah, this is true. Some of chinese hotel dont have the standard of an international hotel, so they are not allow to have foreigners. Only local people, its not a racism matter. Ayah ma ya ! U dont? Know u know.chaleh….

  12. This has nothing to do with racism. Everywhere you stay in China, you have to register with the local public security bureau. Larger hotels do this for you automatically. Smaller, cheaper hotels often don't even have computers which can input roman letters and foreign names. They can't register you. They will get in serious trouble with the law if they don't. I've had this happen…. twice…

  13. When I lived in Beijing my girlfriend was from a small town in Gansu. She invited me to visit Lanzhou with her and said "don't worry about it, I'll book a hotel." It turned out the hotel didn't accept foreigners so we wound up wandering the streets of Lanzhou for hours trying to find a hotel that would accept me.

  14. China is a socially backward thinking country and very authoritarian.. China has no freedom of speech and their government can kill, inprison, and harass anyone they choose

  15. I'm really so jealous of you, WODE MAYA. I have been living in China for over 10 years and I have never found a girlfriend as pretty as Candice. I can speak fluent Chinese . All the girls I met always ask me whether I have my own apartment or not before they would agree to have a relationship with me. After more than 10 years, I gave up. Nobody believed me that I could afford to buy an apartment before the wedding. (If you can't beat them, join them) So I finally I bought one last year. But now, a lot of Chinese girls think I'm too old.


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