Girlfriend Swap Prank In China Gone Wrong!

Girlfriend Swap Prank In China Gone Wrong!


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  1. I'm sorry but this was a very bad prank. They were disrespectful to the couples. Not a good way to show black people , you should stop these.

  2. U know the prankster, he has been doing lots the videos about Africans eating chinese food using bare hands in
    china apps, he is so famous that u find it everywhere. It really reduce image of black ppl! And the way he doing it is misleadings to chinese ppl

  3. just remember this is NOT 'western' countries where even people can fuck animals and get away with it…….. it's china, and it only open up to the world last 15-20yrs.

    man, they still trying to learn how to drive, and their young generation children still learning some good western manners………… i mean the FEW GOOD ONES, not the drink till you pass out, or drink and fuck and wake up in front of someone's lawn.
    not those kind of things.

    china still mainly conservative,
    and asians like to keep it that way…… civilized….
    not going around in public trying to live a wet dream.

  4. I'm reading through the comments and all I see is Chinese people hate black people, it's dangerous to go to China, and basically they treat us like racist white people in America do.
    I did not know that there was a conflict between both our beautiful cultures. Is it really true? The typical Chinese person is racist towards black people?

  5. I said it and i will repeat it" This guy doesn't think enough before shooting his videos". There are societies where jokes don't work bro. Think of people's mindset before doing pranks. Pranks work ONLY in society where people are open-minded and cool. Your psychology still needs to grow…

  6. Wode maya …please consider first where you are and the local culture …this is not Western it is China and such pranks can cause you unnecessary trouble .Wode Maya your team should not create problems between Chinese and Africans .Even look the Chinese guy raised his hand tellying them go go go go go and still they are sitting beside him which means your team lacks understanding of Chinese culture.

  7. Wode Maya. please stop prostituting and pimping our African sisters to the Chinese. its embarrassing and shameless. Dont be a a sellout, no one respects that.
    I know it meant to be funny but its not. This symptom is Africas problem personified.

  8. He said " I was trying to be nice to you foreigners". His demeanor changed once he knew he was on camera.

    I hope this answered your question about Chinese racism.


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