God Lives Through

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God Lives Through · A Tribe Called Quest

Midnight Marauders

℗ 1993 Zomba Recording LLC

Composer, Lyricist: John Davis
Composer, Lyricist: A. Muhammad
Composer, Lyricist: M. Taylor
Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer: Tim Latham

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  1. “Shout our to all my peeps who made the album cover” this album and the cover are 1 of the greatest ever. I’m pretty sure how everyone was looking on the cover is how we were looking when we first heard this lmao.

  2. A Tribe Called Quest's God Lives Through song is a classic. Phife Dawg's lyrics are funny LOL. A Tribe Called Quest's Midnight Marauders album is a classic. I like the album pictures. RIP Phife Dawg. I miss you. I love A Tribe Called Quest.

  3. Phife bars that made me yell out, "Oh sh!t!!!" 😜

    Beast of the East, on MCs I have a feast
    I'd eat that ass like quiche, crack a smile like Shanice 😃 0:40

    Did I hear something 'bout a crew? What they wanna do?
    You better call Mr. Babyface so he can bring out the cool in you! 🤣
    Or it'll be a sad love song being sung by Toni Braxton
    And I'll dissect you like a fraction 1:05

    I kick more game than a crackhead from Hempstead
    My styles are milk, man, you'd think that I was breast-fed! 🍼 1:26

  4. What they call hip hop today is nothing compared to this hip hop era Tribe Called Quest krs-1 all those groups back in the day there's just no comparison to the two eras

  5. one of my top 3 Tribe songz this electic relation and check the Rhime classic group so far ahead of their time they could come out now and still fit in salute to them dudes

  6. "Theres a million emcees that claim they want some, but see…I create sounds that make your ears go numb" One of my favorite opening lines. Makes me smile every time.


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