Murderous Black Cat Knife Nani shirt

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Au Duong Van regained consciousness from the commotion, she justified in a hurry: I didn’t send an anonymous mail, why don’t you believe me every time? This story I told you how I believed? Murderous Black Cat Knife Nani shirt. Apart from you and me, there is no third person who knows about this, could Quy Phong send a letter by himself? Nam Cung Phong shouted, Au Duong Van felt sorry that he could die: I told you not to do it, I don’t believe you, you have no choice! Now, even if she had a hundred mouths that could not be said clearly, who said that day at Nam Cung Phong’s office she said the words that even jumped into the Yellow River also washed cleanly, at that time just because she wanted to encouraging his general, not intending to find Bach That Gia to tell her secret, she was not that person, she thought Nam Cung Phong would understand.


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