Night Life In Ghana

Night Life In Ghana
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Comment (45)

  1. If you need different environment to enjoy just pass by Ghana and see. See how the whites are enjoying no racist. I remember those times , MLS, ATL and UTRAK

  2. I’m African American and i plan on taking my first trip to Accra in December. I can’t wait to vibe with brothers and sisters over there. I’ve been told multiple times by my African friends to come through but this time I’m listening to them. See y’all soon ✊🏾❀️

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  4. It's a beautiful thing to see black people get together to have a good time, and no fight breaking out and nobody getting shot. Like what usually happens here in the 'States.

  5. Why they didn't show up the villages and other cities and towns, a country where by 70 % Ghanaians have runaway from their villages to Accra shameful, the best video is they have to show Accra central city in the day time, you will see your naked eyes that everywhere is dirty, what about the other regions, catastrophic, in the country, we Ghanaians are very dirty people, he who disagree with me should go and video all over Accra? Before you comment on my comments don't blame any government who have rule the country before but rather the blame should be given to ourselves, that is my opinion, am waiting for your comments guys if am wrong?


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