Why Hip-Hop BANNED In China?

Why Hip Hop Banned In China?

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  1. The HipHop culture is strong out here in China, and trying to ban it just makes it more cool and popular, especially with the youth. Black China Music Company provides the most authentic hiphop shows so it caters to those who want the realest hiphop in China.

  2. Hiphop is not banned in China, the sounds the flow, the type of music and melody isnt banned,
    its just the lyrics include abusing woman, selling drugs that banned.
    and we dont want that, it against out moral standards and culture.

  3. This sounds like Hip Hop here in the U.S. I don't understand what they are saying here either. The beat is nice and voice sounds good with the beat and a nice hook, you will have a hit song

  4. The truth is hip hop use to be many things. But over time if we removed the violence, drugs, bragging and calling women names then the remaining hip hop music would be very limited and small.

  5. Hip hop today spews nothing but misogyny, violence, drugs and basically crap. Black America listens to a diet of this crap and look how it influences especially the lower income

  6. Hip hop is bad,hip hop is demonic,there is nothing nice about hip hop,hip hop destroys families,hip hop destroys communities,most black american are born been rude,jealous and always angry,if you go to american today you will see that most black people are unhappy,they choose to fight rather than peace Amen!!!

  7. So does that mean they are going to ban rock music,with its content and meaning,or country music ,violence,divorce,etc,and for anyone that says country music is not like that,you're a f***** lie,I can show you lyrics,all music has something wrong with it,it's just the way certain people look at it,that aren't black, we are just always under the scope and whatever we do gets prominence for negativity,even tho in the background are a bunch of people not black

  8. I get why they banned it,but true hip hop is not about what this dumbass talked about that's trap music,this gangsta rap,it's not the same even tho labeled,instead of this dude taking the heat and saying oh I f**** up ,he blames black people and the music, pussy move,when you saw an opportunity to make money and become famous with it,you didn't give credit,but you get attacked,like most people who do not belong to it or wasn't part of it in the first place,you cry wolf,hip hop didn't make you say it you decided that,there's criminal all over the world,you didn't go out and decide to be one,don't blame someone else for your mistakes

  9. Nothing wrong with free expression…I grow up on Rap and hip-hop . You take what you want out of the music. The Chinese artists lied because he was afraid of what they call saving face. Which is just a mind game . China didn’t apologize for that New year show 🐶


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