Africans Vs African Americans(Guest Dr. Mumbi|The Advice Show)

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Comment (38)

  1. why beg to get someone's approval? i personally don't care if black americans like me or not. i won't die or get resurrected if dead if they like or hate me

  2. I am African…i just have to say this these so called African Americans dont what to associate them selves with Africa and say Africans sold us…i have a question for them and its from the Bible. Who sold Joseph? were not his brothers? African Americans have hurt so much hurt in them by the way thy are treated in USA.if you know that you were not taken into slavery from no were but from a place called Africa yet you refuse that you are not from there anyway i think the lies which as been told to them by there oppressors about AFRICA THY CHOOSE TO BELIEVE THEIR OPPRESSORS.

  3. Labels matter. Easy to follow the crowd.
    Be a voice, NOT an echo. ―Albert Einstein
    There are no African Americans 🔴
    There are Africans. There are Americans who happen to be Black. There are also well-informed Black people.
    Then there are self-indoctrinated, Afrocentric black folks bloviating about ROOTS, instead of fixing their mindset 🔴

  4. Fayt.that is not my experience or so many Africans i have met. I have lived in United States a longtime me and my brother are second generation here. I live in Inglewood just outside Los angeles airport. This little city has the largest Nigerian community plus other Africans and alot of black americans live here.So many Africans have intermarried with black americans. Some of my friends own businesses and employ black americans. Blacks need to go to Africa themselves make up their own mind if they want to be in the mix. The continent can use their education and professionalism in all different disciplines

  5. It is as simple as this. If you are from a Black nation be it Caribbean or African and you are a Black Person who has lived under a Black government, Black culture, Black Media and Black politics and you decide to move to a nation opposite to where you have been raised in to become a citizen of that opposite nation. It means you are nothing but a bootlicker who want to be close to white people. It makes sense for a Caribbean person to migrate to Liberia or to Mali. It makes sense for an African to migrate to Jamaica or Dominica. It makes sense because it has happened. But a Black person wanting to migrant to another white nation? It does not. Considering your nations actually freed themselves from direct european control why would its people want to go to the usa or europe and now china? Because you want to be away anything Black as you possible can. That is the bottom line. That is why some migrants are hostile to African americans because they remind them of three things. Being Black. What they could possible end up as descendant wise. Resentment that they are stuck with living in the area of Black people and not with the people they want to be with. Not all but one too many. The actual people who think like a Black person and are true to their race are usually still on the first continent because many are in the same positions as other real people in our race that they are too poor to move and hasn't crossed their mind. The people still living traditionally like the nomadic tribes have no interest in europe. So what you have left are upper working and middle class people who are from the capitals of certain African nations which in reality those capital cities was the centre of the colonization process and still is if you know about african educational standards especially in terms of history. So the problem with the culture clash is to do with African americans bumping heads with bootlicking Akatas and vice versa. Not everyone is a bootlicker and in some cases some wake up from their love of the bright light once they see what whites are really like. Others however keep to the delusion.

    However there is also a point that many western Black people ignore. Many Africans and Caribbeans who have the economic mobility to move and travel do not see themselves as Black first but nationality first and unfortunately fool themselves in thinking that the rest of the world will also view them in this regard. The we are all the same rhetoric which is destroying our people. In places like the west like the UK and America and Brazil you are not seen in which tribe or African region you belong to(since we were stolen before any of the African states became a nationality) we are seen simply as Black and are treated by our enemies with the brute force against us. We cannot even be the nationality we are born into. Just our race. And what comes up with within our groups of the culture that we managed to create or hold onto. It is this clash of understanding and In our opinion the deliberateness of ignoring that opinion coming from people who look like ourselves but will understand anything the white man tells them or the white man's pain. But always ignoring the pain of our people.

    Finally this bougie African mentality against African americans and it exists against Black british people who are Caribbean descent who are also looked down upon by this same group mainly originating from the west Africa region, who looks down on a descendant of the ensalved but benefit from what those people created in order for these akatas (bootlicking Africans who act white which is what Akata actually means as its original meaning in the yoruba tongue meant Foreigner and it was often exclusively applied to whites. It started to apply to other Black people during colonisation when some yoruba started to notice other yoruba was enjoying the oppression too much, making excuses for the invaders and started to act like them and were then called out for it. That's what it actually means. Akata is another version for KKKoon. In Ghana they will simply call you Oyibo if you started bootlicking down there. That word means white or foreigner too which are interchangeable. But you get the idea. The Africans from this tribe who are in the west who are calling a DOS that are most likely the ones who were called akata or oyibo by their fellow yoruba/Nigerians and Igbo/Ghana back home because they have become too assimilated and behaving like the white man.)

    Those of us are in the shape because unlike many of our African counterparts except for South Africa literally fought the white man and taken the burden of it. The rest used to but stopped after independence. We outside should not have to explain the nature of whites or asians, when you should already realize it for yourselves. But this is the problem. You expect to sit on the sidelines and benefit from us. Now this Ghana thing which if anyone knows anything, that the anglo americans have been based there over 30 years and have a military base there even the tour trades are american owned and hire actors and bootlickers to tell you lies about the slave trade like you were sold into slavery, when the people in the small villages and towns will tell you a complete opposite story. The reason Ghana wants you because the U.S. wants you African americans to go there because it will benefit america since they basically control Ghana and are trying to expand their imperialism in the region and who do you need to do that economically? The good old reliable engine of america, African Americans. It makes more sense to go to a place in Africa that has little to NO european involvement. Ghana and Nigeria ar not them and it is basically a trap. The so called experts on this video should know that, but considering what was revealed about one of them it is no surprising that he is setting you up. If you are moving to Africa or visiting for the first time it is good to connect with people like yourself that is already living there, Ghana would be good to visit or Liberia because it has AA community there but i would not move there if your sole goal is to escape white american imperialistic oppression because they already have a behind the scene hold on those nations. As i stated before I do not think we from outside of Africa need those who have not fought white supremacy, telling us the way things are because none of these nations and even many of the people were with us when we were busy fighting not just white supremacy in america but in south africa and the uk and brazil. Only the Caribbeans were noticeable among the native Blacks of the area. Many africans outside of south africa were not. So while we do need to unite with the continent we can also not be dictated to by those caping for the continent and from the continent who are not living our lives who have not faced the wrath of white supremacy and who are in no way in any position to criticize those who have been living outside the continent because their ancestors were kidnapped and who not only created and powered many of the thing that you think whites have created(but did n't) but were also responsible for changing the negative image and history about Africa and turning it into a positive one. Because let's face it, Pan Africanism,The true history of Africa and the African culture was all spearheaded by the descendants of the enslaved and not by the people on the continent themselves.

  6. like even the AA that did join they were monetarily established. And i feel as though maybe you cautioned the opinion of they average are poverty level AA. Those opinions in my opinion are so far from the core. This video I feel lacks raw realtime feed back. None of these people were in the inner city and i felt detached because i am in the inner city. Wisdom oppose to knowledge. I wasn't taught about how much a slap hurts i was truly slapped shot and stabbed. Its missing rawness sir. And also the truth of the actual scorched. Out of all of those beautiful ppl i dont feel like my view was told nor my cousins our friends. I love you sir, stay safe

  7. lol this is funny. if you really want to make a ripple i think you should come to Louisiana USA. My real-time opinion is so sacred and real i wouldn't articulate it in a comment. but if you want our opinion you should visit and ask us. the AA that are commenting true enough are in America but they're comment is YouTube comment based. Mentally they try to fit years of verdict within a sentence understanding it wont be seen/heard. As u sit down with others you should sit down with us and look us in the eyes and shake our hand and eat our food and Broadcast this real. I love you stay safe.

  8. The funny thing is other ethnic groups have these same issues from their counterparts that are born and raised in their "motherland".One of my Japanese American friends that recently visited Japan. Despite him knowing his culture he was still treated and looked at as an outsider. Just like Italians dislike Italian Americans. Same way Native Americans and Mexicans don't see eye to eye bc they view the Mexican as no longer indian.

  9. it's better to call us afro people around the world because we are all over the world you can not naming all the countries we are everywhere in great Britain,France, Germany Italy Russia Asia Australia Canada I cannot naming all the countries because when you say African Americans and African the are not only brothers and sisters we have more from different countries so I am from Zimbabwe but I live in USA for now we are afro and I don't have a problem people call me black women but it's not everyone is happy with the name black especially in America

  10. Africa has 54 different countries how can they expect to compete with singular nations like america or china, both of those countries figured it out hundreds of years ago that you have to function as a collective in order to become a great nation.

  11. I wish I knew about this live chat. I believe, I could have been of great help being an African who came to the US as a refugee, 7 yrs ago, from Congo DRC who have lived in a couple Southern African countries.

  12. Black American want if they can they should even change there skin colour but that's idiotic manner the fact that black skin colour is made in Africa , watching from south Sudan

  13. well I that we all have our experiences good and bad Ive had mines as well but I will not stop trying to make contacts with my brothers and sisters from Africa and other parts of the world I am 70 and I have all ways considered myself as a African

  14. @ WODE MAYA Are you Africans aware that there are more people from the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade all over the world? You all have an obsession with the blacks in America Ever heard about Brazil or the Caribbean. Is it because of the US dollar? I am just wondering you all fighting too hard and as a result, you guys starting to look desperate. Not a good look.

  15. Akata/akaterian/ jando, these are all words a Nigerian will use to describe a (native/an African) that has lived abroad and just came back home so it is by no means an insult

  16. I wish we africans will stop crying about black american, majority will never accept us until we make africa great.

    haitians and jamaicans are very accepting and have helped me alot. they are our brothers and sisters too.

  17. We Black Americans interact with Continental Africans daily on jobs, in colleges and Universities, and in our neighborhoods. It's not difficult to know that CA are have a disdain for Black Americans. Many Continental Africans are truthful. They admit that they are taught by their parents that we are lazy and unambitious. They tell us that their parents tell them not to mingle or marry Black Americans.

    Most Africans know nothing about our history They cone here voicing their opinions against reparations with is not their business. CA just use our culture for a come up. They align themselves with white people and have very little to do with us.

    Dr. Mumbi stop should stop saying that we are making judgement based on one African. That is not true because many of us heard the way she herself accused Black Americans of being disrespectful with comments when she had no receipts. I believe many of the comments were trolls and Africans who don't like us pretending to be Black Americans.

    I wish you guys would stop referring to us as African Americans. We are Black Americans/American Blacks.


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