Chinese Angry Reaction To JJ Redick ''CHINKS'' in Chinese New Year Video

Chinese React To JJ Redick ”CHINK” in an official Chinese New Year Video


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  1. Chinese people are already one of the most racist people on the planet! I wasn't allowed in some bars and restaurants when I vacationed there because I'm black… How do i know this? They said it to me directly! So don't even act like your perfect

  2. Again this brings me back to point earlier, this was a white man and they do and say these kind things often enough and yet people accept them, but will crucify Nigerians for being confident?
    If I was a Vlogger I would have undressed these people with words, but am not. Thus, you all that are going against Nigerians should spend that energy in going against the people that deserves to be antagonized, e.g. Chinese, Western world,etc.

  3. I have already explained to hundreds of my Chinese friends , If you accidentally step on my foot, there was no intention to cause harm or insult there , but it doesn't mean you will just ignore it and not say SORRY.

    NBA player JJ Redick has already apologized for using a racial slur in a Chinese New Year video. That is just a small incident compared to a CCTV gala on NATIONAL TV witnessed by about 800 million people.
    Liu Wen, Chinese Supermodel, also apologized for using the phrase "Happy Lunar New Year" instead of "Chinese New Year" … Now that is even a smaller incident.
    The Malasian gov't also apologized for printing a rooster barking in it's newspaper to welcome the 2018 Lunar New Year…

  4. I'm not Chinese, so I'm neutral in all this. Infighting is not on ! We have to stick together, Africans and Asians. What's not a stereotype is that white caucasians, whether they're north Americans, Europeans, or Australasians are all long-haul paedophiles, from politicians to your "ordinary" (pleb) Chris.

  5. China is one of the most racist countries in the world. I heard it from a Chinese citizen himself who told me how Africans are treated there. Plus I heard it from Africans who traveled there. Case in point, a few years ago there was a laundry detergent commercial that showed an African man going into the washing machine and then coming out Asian at the end of the wash cycle. Basically stating black is dirty. If that's not racism, I don't know what is.This was on national tv.

  6. I think what's bad are your Africans men coming over to China & making a mess out of childrens by interracial love, Sex & marriage. No respect for the host country.

  7. Be careful of your hatitude! You seem to be a very nice guy. No offence, but sometimes, the you talk can be perceive to be obnoxious , load , too sensitive, almost aggressive . ( Cultural gap)In this vlog your hatitude is better ( calm) . Of course the sketch was a bit racism, but it is also due to ignorance( Chinese are still a very selfcentered country with no sense of political correctness). By the way , the little video seems to be planned, and thé chinese Guy is a bad actor!

  8. I'm from America… White people don't like Chinese people!!! Lol.. Chinese people are racist against others.. so this is what they get. It wasn't a slip of the tongue dummies 😂😁😋 keep living in your fantasy world😜😆😝😃

  9. We need another Rush Hour Movie to remind everyone the Chinese and the Blacks are Friends. I mean the chinese people has made all the members of the Wu Tang Clan Honorary Chinese People …. and the Emperor of Chinese people, Jeremy Lin aka the chinese jesse jackson, has forgiven and backing jj redick, so it's all good peoples.

  10. That's an obvious tongue-tied. He was obviously in the middle of constructing the sentence & got a stumble. Oversea Chinese needs to clarify it before spreading it back to China. Some ppl might be pushing it into an issue. Not sure how much fuss Chinese ppl give, but even sports fans are more concerning about the Winter Olympic Games right now, so common Chinese ppl should be less worrying about this issue.

  11. America has A LOT of disrespectful representations of Chinese, Japanese, Korean people. “Yellow Face” used to be in movies

    Show the people who were angry those videos and see how they feel about the way their culture is being represented. I doubt they would like it.

  12. Well said….some countries are deeply rooted a certain way and it takes time for them to realize that a lot of things they do are actually offensive to others. They will come around. China is still new to exposing themselves to other cultures so they will eventually find their wording and the way they express certain things without offending anybody.

  13. Honestly is hightime Africans got real. Respect is NEVER GIVEN it is EARNED. Stop all these sentimental BS and let's build our continent……….

  14. You doing well Wode Maya I’m your big fan from 沈阳市 keep doing your things and make us always laugh I support you from the bottom of my heart❤️❤️❤️❤️much love

  15. Why you can claim to speak on behalf for the entire continent of 1.2 billion Africans?
    Why you now claim the entire Chinese community of 1.4 billion Chinese are angry?
    JJ Redick appeared to tongue-tied and stumbling over his words that's all, yet people like you blow it insanely out of proportion and make a mountain out of a molehill?


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