Reasons Why Chinese Translations Fails

I discovered why Chinese translations fails and felt like sharing with u all…


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  1. Wode you doing a great service for black ppl in a China love land..I want to make a journey to that sort of mysterious land with it's intriguing system knowing and over standing the language crack the code . don't stop.

  2. hahaha! That was very funny.  This also means there are a lot of job opportunities by simply being a good translator 🙂  I like your African clothes by the way, looks cool.

  3. Came across a few common ones before:
    1. Women Kingdom – 女界 (nǚjiè) for a ladies washroom / WC
    2. Carefully slip down – 小心滑倒 (xiǎo​xīnhuá​dǎo) near a river as a warning sign
    3. Export – 出口 (chū​kǒu) near a doorway for an exit
    A lot of translations between languages is like Google Translate. A lot of mistakes is not on word meaning but the correct context words & phrases are used. A Chinese person who lived overseas for many years would not make the same mistakes.
    There was 1 video a Chinese teacher talked in English to some students saying something like "After we introduce ourselves, we shall meet each other". You have already met each other when you walked into the room so instead of "meet each other", it was better for the teacher to say "get to know each other".

  4. Haha I can't stop watching and I have to get ready for class since the Chinese have a holiday on Monday and have to make up for the Monday class today (Saturday) damn!

  5. 日式干炒面
    sun style fuck fried noodle
    grape fuck noodle bun

    this kinda funny literally translation also apply to english
    how are you?
    怎么是你?(why it's you?)
    make a wish


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