Speaking Chinese With Calculator

wow!!I had a Chinese conversation with a calculator..Enjoy hit the Like button and Share this video..


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  1. Takes some thinking to figure out how it works. Besides the name "Winnie" and the time, the rest are just # in Chinese that sound the same as other common words such as 98 (jiu-ba) for a "bar" / "club", + (jia) for "at home", 666 (liu-liu-liu) for "very smooth" and 88 (ba-ba) for "bye-bye".
    Back in the 1980s, the Japanese made a few interesting pocket calculators. All they do is calculations but to make them more interesting, a company like Casio used to program in simple number games and sound effects. A calculator that says the # as you press them is good for someone who is blind or has vision problems.

  2. East Africans ie Kenyans and Sudanese students are way ahead of West Africa, when it comes to speaking Chinese. In West Africa you do stand out with your knowledge of Mandarin. Do you intend to put this skill to good use?
    You're always very enthusiastic and warm which sets a really positive tone to your videos.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

  3. young brother you are very intelligent and charismatic. Keep doing a good job,and whatever is your major persuade it with a lot of passion, you are representing us in China. good luck.

  4. hi wode Maya
    how do you tell the difference between Chinese people…..as in the resemblance is too much….talk more of other country such as Japan,Korea,Thai e.t.c
    also,,what the name of the background song u always play at the end of most of ur video?


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