The Death Of Afrocentric Pan-Africanism: House of Konsciousness Edition (full documentary)

This documentary exposes the deceitful agenda hidden behind the Afrocentric Pan-African “I’m an African” propaganda, that was created by government during the 1960’s.

This film features real CIA agents and FBI informants like Frank “Sa Neter” Garry, Deanna “Dr. Maat” Bailey, Garfield “Dagger Squad” Reid, Bobby “Ankh” West, Jabari “Frat Boy” Osaze and more.

This film includes production from Ankh’s Crack Pipe, Struggle Zone, BlackNews102, SaNeterTV and Wake Up Indigenous Niiji. (2019)


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  1. My question is is it true or not true that Africans have already came into the Americas before any European settlers meaning that Africans had been travelled here to the North America South America and the islands there's been books written on the subject Africans in America before Columbus..over 60,000 relyx was found identifying that Africans had already came to the Americas if that is true then that means that were still related indigenous or not we are family there is tribes in Africa that dress similar to the indigenous people here our culture goes across oceans we designed our boats to operate with speed or sailboats that we created was much more advanced than Europeans why is that so difficult to understand black people have always ben everywhere why is it I can trace my roots to Africa and also here. the last guy speaking said white is black now we're saying slavery never happened Africans were enslaved by Islamic arabs before Europeans that's even documented I'm starting to feel like U know what it's over for black people we jump on any bandwagon and disregard our true history by segregating ourselves to a single piece of history when we are history…THIS SHYT IS DONE

  2. Stop brother …. U killing'em softly LMAO 😂🤣🤣🤣. The info u present Ive known since the late 90's and u been right bro. They too compulsory and indoctrinated.

  3. Bruuuhhh!!! When I say Dane Calloway is representing for the whole of Aboriginal peoples here in American!!! Give thanks yall for exposing the falsehood.

  4. Let him be African, I'm not from no Africa and I ain't African nor look it, it's sad that fool think he form Africa lol

    Turtle island is my land aka North America

    And not black but Copper Tone

    Our hair is black now let them keep playin dumb, wanting to fit in


    That insults the intelligence of a 9 year old


  5. Good thing I left all that shit in 94 and never looked back because I new that Khalid Muhammad
    was a fucking agent as well as the whole NOI and I also saw it in the Shebrew Minstrelites and
    the so called black unconscious movement.


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